Duke3dw Changelog

Updates to v4.4.0
Fixed distant view crash (new build)
Fixed startup crashes
Added Rev: version to saved game
Added load all zips from autoload
Fixed Buildw deleted sprite problem

Updates to v4.3.9
Fixed bug for key cards.

Updates to v4.3.8
If DNSWIT twice then cancel
If DNOPEN twice then cancel

Updates to v4.3.7
Tidy up level names in startup setup (crashes with playduke).

Updates to v4.3.6
Fixed game exit crashing.
Added extra user 5th Episode.
Added 20 maps and music per episode.
Removed slime pallette irritation.

Updates to v4.3.5
Fixed hanging when viewing distant sectors
Changed saved games - NB: Previous saved games will not work anymore.
Fixed F6 Music display & Shift F12 music change correct name.
Added User_Addon.con for Addons.
Removed demo warning.
Disabled DNKEYS
Added F8 for cheat entry - Shift F8 for messages on/off.
Added extra dog yelp sound to DNSWIT if use old Duke3d v1.3d
Made extensive changes to Buildw.exe
Added ENEMY: - enemy left shown in save screen (F2).
Added DNBOMB to cheats - gives you 1 bomb.
Added DNOPEN cheat for locked doors - allows you to open one locked door.
Added DNSHOWKEYS - will color keycard sectors in dnshowmap.
Fixed DNBOOTS not working.
Added DNENDGAME and DNENDALL game end cheats.

Updates to v4.3.2
Removed Jetpack from God mode.
Increased DNGUN# ammo amounts.
Added DNTANK aswell as DNSWIM
Mapname spaces now allowed: eg: My new mapname.map

Updates to v4.3.1
Removed internal User maps option as it crashes too much.
Fixed commandline for loading autosaved game (again).
Fixed press X for startup menu, now works all the time.
Fixed saved game not loading map extras like art files etc.
Fixed Start autosave with either -10 or -asv in commandline.
Fixed sound sometimes distorting in Windows 7.
Added extra sound for combo switch when hitag set to 1 - This requires the cheatcode XNSWIT.

Updates to v4.2.2
Fixed commandline for loading autosaved game in Playduke (-map whatever.map -10)

Updates to v4.2.1
1. Fixed LCD/CRT not seperating in Menu setup
2. Fixed classic mode in Windows 7
3. Added video mode settings when fullscreen on/off
4. Added vsync
5. Added load autosaved game -asv
6. Added DeleteAutoSave deleting correct file paths
7. Playduke 7 compatible
8. gcc 4.4/5 fix
9. Added -by to commandline detection for bypass press(x) and start menu

Updates to v4.2.0
1. New look Startup Menu. (Launcher)
2. Fixed nohrp error on commandline.
3. Fixed multiplay startup splashscreen in 8 bit.

Updates to v4.1.6
1. Windows 7 compatibility.
2. Added -nohrp in command line.
3. Fixed Music paths.
4. Fixed mapname displays when selected in game maps.
5. Fixed music volume level at start.
6. Fixed NAM compatibility.
7. Option to Disable default HRP at start up.
8. Command window hidden if started with a batch file.
9. Updated Audiolib options.
10. Each Addon/TC now has its own 10 saved games and autosave.
11. Last played Addon will now be on top of Addon list.
12. Each Map now has its own 10 saved games and autosave.
13. Last played Map will now be on top of Map list.
14. Last played map and addon listed in log file.
15. All maps that have been completed will be displayed with ** next to them.
16. Music can now be selected with almost anything.
17. Extensive Help option added with every Tab.
18. Resolved start menu locking up on some computers.

Updates to v4.1.5
1. Updated JAudioLib.
2. Added Delete = Stop Music in Select Music menu.
3. Added Player Weapon Hide in Game Options menu.
4. Moved Weapon Icons to Video options.
5. Fixed weapon icons to scale correctly with Status size.
6. Reduced inventory icons sizes to fit better with weapon icons.

Updates to v4.1.4
Added the new JAudioLib from Jonathon Fowler enabling all .mid, .ogg and .wav music.
Added a new MUSIC SELECT menu in the OPTIONS MENU to select any music you want with any game or map.

Updates to v4.1.3
1. Major multiplay upgrade, in mainly the Master/Slave mode.
2. Game now always starts in menu if more than 2 players.
    This gets past the 'out of sync' problems caused by differnt PC specifications etc.
3. Fixed the oddball addition to nickname sometimes appearing in menu.
4. Fixed the many warnings sometimes appearing when using the LRP (eg: Caribean)
5. Add player color option with command /col x

Updates to v4.1.2
1. Fixed all menu text.
2. Tidied up generally all round.

Updates to v4.1.1
1. Complete menu re-write.
2. Fixed compression crash.
3. Fixed long path acceptance.

Updates to v4.1.0
1. Code re-write to Mingw requirements.
2. Complete new game frontend start menu.
3. Complete new Mini HUD 8 and 32 bit.
4. Updated multiplay code.