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About Duke3dw

This is a modified version of Jonathon Fowler's Duke3d adding stuff as and when required.
Although it is important to try and keep the game as original as possible it is often necessary to make several changes to improve things which adds to the gameplay.
Duke3dw always uses the latest code available from JonoF wherever possible.

The game comes with a comprehensive startup menu which can be accessed by just double clicking on the Duke3dw.exe file.
Most playing requirements as well as configirations are available form this menu.

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Installing Duke3dw

Create a directory called Duke3dw and in this directory you will need the following files:

1. Duke3dw.exe
2. Duke3dw.grp
3. Duke3dw.cfg - will get created 1st time.
4. Duke3d.grp - Shareware or retail.

That will get you playing although to improve gameplay you will need the High Resolution Pack (HRP).
Just add the Duke3d_Hrp.zip file this directory and start the game.

Other Directories

For a better gameplay it may become neccessary to add a Maps directory where you can store all your user maps and assiated map files.
Duke3dw will look for this directory at startup and list the maps found.

Another worthy directory is the Games directory where you store all your Addons, TCs (Total Conversions) and other associated files.
Here again, Duke3dw will loook for this directory at startup and list all your addons etc.

This is an optional directory where Duke3dw will look for all you music that you may want to select with your game.

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Map Options

To play a user map, just put the map and its extras if any in the Maps directory and select the map in the start menu then click on Start

Options associated with maps.
If there is a midi file with the same name as the map (mapname.mid) then it will be used as the map music.
If there is a hrp assoicated with this map, then it should have the same name as the map but with _hrp.zip added.
The same goes if this maps has a con file, it should also have the same name as the map but with a .con extension
Therefore if you have a map called Toxic.map, its music will be Toxic.mid, its hrp will be Toxic_hrp.zip and its Game.con will be Toxic.con.
However as many additions tend to use the original Game.con as its filename, Duke3dw will revert back to this name if a mapname.con is not found.

Duke3dw will also see and remember path names to a map, ie:
Duke3dw.exe -map D:\Someplace\SubDirectory\Test\Mymap.map

New in version 4.3.1
Duke3dw will now look for a mapname.zip file where all extra files, like tiles00x.art, music.voc, game.con, user.con etc etc.. are in.
NB: these filenames must be the original names.

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TCs and Addons

To play a TC or Addon, just put the .GRP or .ZIP and its extras if any in the Games directory, select the Addon in the start menu then click on Start

Options associated with Addons.
.GRP files are encouraged as they load quicker and have less hassles although they do have a restriction in that they can only have 8 letter filenames.
If a TC or Addon has a associated hrp, it should have the same name but with _hrp.zip added for Duke3dw to auto load it.
Again the Game.con file and any other associated files houls have the same name as the original filename with its extension, like .con
Another unique feature with Duke3dw is that if you have an additional Addon to an already available TC or addon, provided its called the same as the original filename but with _Addon.zip or .grp, then it will get loaded and merged with the original.

TCs or Addons can use a fifth Episode name with up to 20 maps and music in the User.con file.

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Music Options

Its just always better to keep music in one place, namely in the music directory as thats where Duke3dw will default to.
To select what music you want played with your map, just select the map and the music in the start menu and click on Start
Once ingame, you can select the Options Menu and Music Select and play any music you want.

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Multiplayer Options

Duke3dw offers a full multiplay section which can be accessed initially from the start menu.
Just select the mode of play, click on Select Multiplay Game and click on Start If you chose a map in the Maps section, then Duke3dw will go straight into the map unless there are more than 2 players.
If no map was selected, you will be transfered to the Multiplay menu in the game to select your options from there.
As of version 4.1.3 the multiplay section has been greatly upgraded to work well with Yang.

Fake Multiplayer

Play against Bots in the computer in a simulated multiplay game.
Here the games has been slighty altered in that the Bots now tend to fight you head on and all players start with the shotgun.
Bots will respond to the Skill you select at startup and Skill 4 (Damn Im good) will put the Bots back to standard.
Should you want to give your Bots a name, just add it in the Duke3dw.cfg file under:
[Comm Setup]
Botname_1 = "Whatever" etc..

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Game Options

The Autosave option can be set to Off, Auto or Manual.
When in Auto, the game is saved everytime you pickup health or a keycard.
When you die you will have the option of loading a Autosaved game.
You can also press F5 at any stage to do a autosave.
In Manual mode, only the F5 option is available.

Random Music
If selected, and no music was selected with a map, then Duke3dw will choose a random song in the Music directory.
If this music happens to be a .mp3 or .ogg it will be played by whatever your default Media Player is, but will not loop.

Besides the standard Duke3d commandline options, Duke3dw offer these as additional:
/hFilename.def - add this file as a custom .def file.
/jDirectory - add this directory to the searchpath.
/setup - force the startmenu to display.
/music Filename - use the filename as the map music.

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Cheat Codes

Press F8 to type in a cheat code


DNALLEN - Displays "Buy Major Stryker"
DNBETA - Displays "Pirates Suck"
DNCOSMO - Displays "Register Cosmo"
DNCOORDS - Displays X Y co-ordinates
DNCASHMAN - throw cash with the space key
DNCLIP - No clipping mode (walk through walls)
DNKROZ - God mode
DNHYPER - Use steroids
DNINVENTORY - Gives all inventory
DNITEMS - All items
DNKEYS - All Keys - Disabled in 4.3.3
DNMONSTERS - All monsters disappear
DNRATE - Show frame rate
DNSCOTTY#$$ - Warp to episode#, and level$$
DNSHOWMAP - Displays the whole map (Tab)
DNSKILL# - Switch skill #
DNSTUFF - all weapons and items
DNUNLOCK - toggles all doors
DNVIEW - 3rd person point of view (same as F7)
DNWEAPONS - Gives all weapons

Extra in Duke3dw

DNBLUKEY - adds or removes the Blue key.
DNREDKEY - adds or removes the Red key.
DNYELKEY - adds or removes the Yellow key.
DNSWIT - The correct button sounds like a bell when pushed New
DNGOD - God mode

DNFLY - Adds jetpack with 50% flight
DNMEDIC - Adds healthbox with 50% health
DNSWIM - Adds scuba tanks with 50% air

Where # =
2 - Adds pistol with 50 ammo
3 - Adds shotgun with 10 ammo
4 - Adds chaingun with 50 ammo
5 - Adds rpg with 10 ammo
6 - Adds handbomb with 10 ammo
7 - Adds shrinker with 10 ammo
8 - Adds devistator with 50 ammo
9 - Adds lazermines with 3 ammo
0 - Adds freezer with 25 ammo

New in 4.3.5

DNBOOTS - Adds boots with 50% use
DNBOMB - Adds a single hand bomb
DNOPEN - Allows opening one of some locked doors
DNENDGAME - Will end a game like pressing the nuke button.
DNENDALL - Will end a game like after fighting a Boss.
DNSHOWKEYS - Will color the sector the key color, see it in DNSHOWMAP

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