Version 1.6
A Redneck Frontend

Download RRSetup 1.6
112 megs

RRSetup Update
Version 1.8

NB. You need to first install version 1.6 above then
install version 1.8

Download RRSetup Update 1.8

Version 1.8 allows for screen resolutions greater than 1024 x 768.
It also tries to eliminate the shimmering screen effects in 1024+ reolutions
Version 1.7 allows for background CD Music while playing.

RRSetup is a complete Redneck game package for Windows Xp.
It utilizes its own DosBox 0.72 with several options.
It can execute either Redneck Rampage, Route66 or Redneck Rides Again.
In each of the above cases the Cusspack can be added as an option.
3 seperate game Addons (TCs) as well as many usermaps for each game is also available.
It also comes with 40+ maps for Redneck Rampage as well as 40+ maps for Redneck Rides Again.

Unzip RRSetupInstall.exe to any folder and execute it.
This will install all the relavent files to a C:\RRSetup folder.
When RRSetup starts up the first time it will place a Desktop icon on your desktop.

Game Setup
RRSetup comes with a complete Shareware version of Redneck - The Early Years.
Redneck Ramapage
To enable RRSetup to execute all its options the original RR.exe and Redneck.grp files need to be copied from the original installatin to this RRSetup\Rampage folder.
Redneck Rides Again
To enable RRSetup to execute this option the original RA.exe and Redneck.grp files need to be copied from the original installation to this RRSetup\Rides folder.

Sound Interrupt
The most important setup is the IRQ which is defaulted to 7 although most SBLive cards require 5.
After the required setting, click on Play Redneck.

Redneck Utilities

Patches Makemap to accept the .GRP (Group) file.

Patches Makemap to accept .GRP file in Redneck Rides Again.

Makemap Tutor
Everything you need by Matt Newcomb