Version 4.1
Game Launcher for Shadow Warrior
Requires minimum SWP 4.3.0

Download PlayWang


Run the PlayWangSetup program, then in your SW folder, double click on PlayWang.exe
Once running you can click on the little yellow "lamp" icon to create a Desktop Icon.

The installation program will create all the necessary folders needed.
Several small TCs and maps will also be installed just to get you going.
All that is needed is for you to copy over the SW.GRP file into the PlayWang root folder.
The Sw.def and Highres will also be needed.

Maps Folder

Singleplay Maps

Only Singleplay maps should go into this folder.

If there are any maps that have extra Art, Sound or anything, then the extras should be zipped up into a file with the same name as the map.

All files except the map should now be zipped into a file called Whatever.zip
This file must also stay in the Maps Folder
Playwang will automatically pickup and display the maps in the Maps folder and when a map is selected, PlayWang will go and have a look if it has a corresponding GRP or ZIP file.

Mapswb Folder
Wangbang Maps

Only Wangbang maps should go into this folder and the same options go for bothe Map folders.

Games Folder

This is the home for all Addons and Total Conversions.
In the Games Folder put all the GRP / ZIP files that contain the various TCs and Addons.
In the main PlayWang (SW) folder the you will see a file called PlayWang.cfg
This file shows what is in the Games folder as follows:

NB. The PlayWang.cfg file is only optional


If this is set to False then PlayWang will search the .bat file for a .map or .def
If a .bat file was not found it will search the .grp file for a .def file.
Setting this to True, then PlayWang will only use the PlayWang.cfg file.

TC_02_GameNAME=Lo Nukem

To add more just copy and past and increment the TC_nn
The GameNAME= is a friendly name that you give the TC and will be displayed in PlayWang
The Game_GRP= is the name of either the GRP or ZIP file
The Game_DEF= is the TC def file if exist and will replace the sw.def file
The Game_MAP= is sometimes used when a TC only has one map and you can start from the map.

NB. The PlayWang.cfg file will automatically be created and all you need to do is add a friendly name for the Conversion if you want to.

Games Types

This is when you play the computer monsters etc.
Here you can start a Multiplayer game and be the Host of the game.
With this option you can join a current Multiplayer game.

NB. When either the Host or the Join is selected, a Config button is visible to add various information like: Nickname, Port Number, Number of Players and Server address.
The necessary files WangHost.ini and/or WangJoin.ini will be created in your SW folder.
You can either edit these files or use the Config menu.

PlayWang.ini file

In some cases other SW ports or modified SW can be set here for PlayWang to use.

When you start up Playwang and if you keep your TCs in the same order the cursor will land on the last played TC.

Same as above but for the maps.
This just stores whatever Skill you selected.

Just that this is not the first time PlayWang has started.

This will store the last 16 maps played.
These maps are visible if you click on the far right top icon.

Map and TC Coloring

By rightclicking on any selected map or TC, you can select an option on how you judged the map to be.

Yellow - Excellent
Green - Good
Blue - Fair
Red - Bad
Cyan - Crashing or Hanging
Voilet - Stuck or confusing
Teal - Multiplayer only
White - Restore to None.