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Shadow Warrior

High Resolution Pack (HRP) for SWP
Release August 2009

Download HRP56.5 megs

Total Conversions

Addons by ProAsm

Lowang in Time1.8 megs
The Last warrior13.6 megs
Park1.4 megs
Tonight Never Ends6.8 megs
Twin Dragon5.2 megs
Wangbang Heaven3.0 megs
When I was Young3.2 megs
Wanton Destruction Full3.4 megs - Replaces 3dR 20+ meg release.


(Single map Addon)

Abysm SP
Amazon SP
Armagosa SP
Birthday SP
Damm war SP
Factory SP
Just 4 Fun SP
Mine War SP
Night Ambush SP
Park Demo SP
Prison Camp SP
The Wang Light District SP
Tiny Nagasaki SP
Wang Trek SP
Wheel of Fortune SP
Da-Maul SP + WB
Santa Wang SP + WB
Wang City SP + WB
The Killer SP
Lost City SP
00 WB
Bar WB
Base WB
Lo House WB
Mortal Kombat WB
The Bodies WB
Tides of Darkness WB
Tori Town WB
Moden Temple WB