Cheats for Shadow Warrior

Press 'T' and then enter the code.

SWCHAN - Toggle god mode
SWGIMME - Gives you all items
SWGREED - Enable every cheat
SWTREK## - Warp to level (01 to 28)
SWLOC - Use once, show framerate. Use again, show x,y co-ordinates.
SWRES - Change resolution
SWSTART - Restart level
SWGHOST - Toggle clipping mode
SWMAP - Toggle automap
SWSAVE - Save map position for build edit
SWTRIX - Turn on Bunny Rockets w/ Rocket launcher
SWNAME - In a multiplayer game, it changes your name
SOUND - Plays sound file 0-999
WINPACHINKO - Lets u win the pachinko game and get an item
QUIT - Quits game

Additional in SWP.

SWGOD - Toggle god mode
SWMEDIC - Adds 25% Health

SWKEYS - Gives ALL 8 keys
SWREDCARD - Gives Red Cardkey
SWBLUECARD - Gives Blue Cardkey
SWGREENCARD - Gives Green Cardkey
SWYELLOWCARD - Gives Yellow Cardkey
SWGOLDKEY - Gives Gold Skeleton key
SWSILVERKEY - Gives Silver Skeleton key
SWBRONZEKEY - Gives Bronze Skeleton key
SWREDKEY - Gives Red Skeleton key

SWGUN# - Gives weapon 2 to 0