UnrealTournament 2004

(c) Copyright ProAsm - 2004
Release Version 4.2

Download DemoRecord42

The DemoTitle (filename)
What Players were playing during this demo.
What Custom ServerPackages and ServerActors were used for this Demo.

DemoInfo=(DemoName="1-0821-2351-DM-Ancient2003.demo4",Players="ProAsm | Wacko | MaxMan | [iJ]HalogYn",Packages="UT2Vote40 | SniperArena | ServQuery | Bullshit | UTSecure211")

About DemoRecord42
This is ServerSide only so NO ServerPackages is required.
Depending on the Options it will record a Serverside Demo on every level.
NB. The Demo will only start once the Game starts, so if you have PlayersMustBeReady set as True, recording will only start once everyone has clicked in Ready.

New in 4.2
DemoRecord42 is now a ServerActor and no longer a Mutator hence you need to add in your UT2004.ini file:
[Engine.GameEngine] ServerActors=DemoRecord42.DemoRecord

Ini file options
If you want to use a specific Filename then add it in here else leave it blank.

If this is set to True and bSaveOver=True then the information will now be saved just before at level changeover regardless.

If bSetNums=True then the first item in the Demo Title will be a number which increments with each recording.

If bSetDate=True the current Server Date will be added to the Title.

If bSetTime=True the current Server Time will be added to the Title.

If bSetMapn=True the current MapName will be added to the Title.

If bSetGame=True the current GameClass will be added to the Title.

When this number of Demos has been recorded - DemoRecord will disable itself.
NumDemos can be from 0 to 9999
If NumDemos=0 that means continious.

This is used internally by DemoRecord and reflects how many Demos it has done before it reaches NumDemos=50 (or whatever) before disabling itself.
Once DemoRecord has disabled itself and the Admin wants it restarted then he/she needs to reset DemoDone=0
If NumDemos=0 the DemoDone will not increment.

This is used internally and should not be touched as it records the Demo number if bSetNums=True

However if you have bSetNums=True and wish it to start again you can set it back to zero or whatever number (-1) you want it to start at.