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UnrealTournament 2004

Mutate DuelMenu

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Click here  for the DuelCTFGame

The following files need to go in the UT2004 System folder:

As the DuelGame is a Game, just add the appropriate ClassName for whichever Duel you want in your Server Startup commandline.
Normal Duel:

Fixes and Additions in Version 4.2

  • updated for AntiTCC 2009 compatibility.

    Fixes and Additions in Version 4.0

  • Converted for UT2004.
  • Fixed missing Altfire textures when leaving game.
  • Added Browser server information.
  • Converted for DeathMatch instead of TeamGame.
  • Added option to not use MapList.
  • Modified ScoreBoard for UT2004.
  • Added Remaining Timer in Spectator Hud.
  • CTFDuel has been removed and will be a seperate mod.
  • bUTComp detection to disbale Hitsounds and SkinBrite.

    Bot Play Options
    If this is set to True then a Bot will be present when a Player logs into the game alone.
    Skill level for the Bot from 5 to 7.
    Here you can change the name of your Bot to whatever you want.
    NB. The Bot will have a ping :)

    About DuelGame42
    DuelGame42 only has one command to access its Options Menu
    Mutate DuelMenu
    Although should the DuelGame Hud be used then just DuelMenu will suffice.

    DuelGame42 will at startup bind your Insert Key if it has nothing in it else you will need to call up the Client Menu and store your prefered Keybind there.

    DuelGame42 offers an extensive Admin Menu where all settings can be changed.
    DuelGame42 will only accept these settings regardless of what is in the commandline except for Mutators.
    To highlight the Admin Button in the Options Menu you will need to logon using the DuelGame42 Password:
    Mutate DuelMenu password

    The Admin Menu offers the following switches:
    (Duel) represents only applicable to the normal DuelGame

  • Weapon Stay
          Off by default.   (Duel)
  • Quad Damage
          Off by default.
  • Shield Pack
          On by default.
  • Super Shield Pack
          Off by default.
  • Health Pack
          On by default.
  • Super Health pack
          Off by default.
  • Health Vials
          Off by default.
  • Adrenaline
          Off by default.
  • Force Respawn
          On by default.
  • Behindview
          Off by default.
  • Throw Weapons
          Off by default.
  • bNoShake
          On by default.
  • Auto Taunt
          Off by default.
  • Translocator
          Off by default.   (Duel)
  • Alternate Query
          Off by default.
    In all cases when viewing the DuelGame from the UT2004 Browser you would see the game as 2/2 indicating that it is a Duelgame which could deter a player from joining by not realising it is a rotational game and he needs to join to take a position in the rotation.
    Setting this switch On will now display the total Players + the total Spectators out of the Maximum Players (2) + the Maximum Spectators.
    So if your server was set for 12 Spectators and currently there are 2 players and 6 spectators on the server, the Browser would now indicate 8/14 and would encourage players to join.
  • Chat Log
          Off by default.
    If set to On then all spectator and player messages would be written to your server log.
  • Classic Mode
          Off by default.
    DuelGame42 offers 2 types of GamePlay. The Classic Mode and the Non-Classic or Modern Mode.
    In the Classic Mode, a player can only win 3 times (adjustable) before he/she is removed as a player and put to the back of the que again. This speeds up the rotation and gives everyone a turn.
    Switching to Non-Classic or Modern Mode an addition button will now appear in the Options Menu marked Top Scores
    Basically the Winner will now longer be removed and can continue his/her reign until beaten.
    This player will have his wins recorded and if the player qualifies, his/her name and score will be recorded in a Top Ten List which can be viewed at anytime from the Options Menu.
  • Swop Limit
          Defaulted to 3.
    This is the maximum number of times a Spectator can request a Swop in the que.
    If set to zero (0) then all swopping will be disabled.
  • Goal Score
          Defaulted to 0.   (Duel)
    The maximum score in the game for the game to end.
  • Time Limit
          Defaulted to 15.   (Duel)
    The maximum Time a game can last.
  • End Wait
          Defaulted to 120.
    The time allowed at GameEnd for the new challenger to decide on a map he wishes to choose to play the current winner. After this time, the server will select the next map in the list and switch to it.
  • Classic Wins
          Defaulted to 3.
    The number of Wins a winner can reach before being moved to the back of the que. Adjustable from 3 to 9.
  • Win Limit
          Defaulted to 99.
    Should the Admin wish to put a restriction on how many times a Winner can win in the Non-Classic Mode, it can be set here from 9 to 99.
  • Max Specs
          Defaulted to 12.
    The maximum number of Spectators allowed in the game. Adjustable from 0 to 12.
  • Skin Glow
          Defaulted to 100.
    This is the Skin Brightness setting and is adjustable from 40 to 250. Anthing below 40 is regarded as disbaled.
    If the Duelgame is useds with TTM2004, this will automatically be disabled.
  • Spawn Protection
          Defaulted to 0
    This can be set from 0 to 60 seconds.
  • Qualify Time
          Defaulted to 60
    This is the time the game allows at startup for the players to join before they are disqualified.
  • Demo Rec
    Clicking this button will make a serverside demo recording of the game and will end when the level changes over. Once clicked the button will now become a StopDemo button where the Admin can stop the demo at anytime.

  • New Game
    Clicking this button will clear all current spectator and player positions with number of wins and last winner.
    The level will then restart a new game from scratch.

  • Ini File settings Only

  • MinSpecs
          Defaulted to 1
    Regardless of the Mode setting, if there are less Spectators than MinSpecs, the Game will switch to the Classic Mode.
    This is to stop spamming of scores if the Non Classic Mode is used.
  • bMesgFade
          Defaulted to False
    If set to True then the logon message "Waiting for Players" will fade out after 15 seconds.

  • bMapClose
          Defaulted to True
    If set to False then the MapMenu Close button will be disabled, forcing the challenger to select a map.

  • bCheckMaps
          Defaulted to True
    If set to True then the Clients maps will be checked to see if he has all the maps.
    Those that are missing will now not display in his Map Memu.

  • bHitSounds
          Defaulted to True
    If set to True then the Client has a option in his ClientMenu to enable unique hitsounds.

  • bSwitched
    For internal use only - do not touch.

  • The Basic Game
    The first 2 players to join will naturally be the 1st players.
    Any subsiquent players joining will be made spectators and fall into a que.
    The 1st Spectator will be colored Red and will be the next to play the winner.
    When the game ends, the Red spectator will receive a Menu popup asking him to select a map to player the winner.
    The looser of the match will on the next level be placed at the end of the que.
    And so the rotation continues. Should there be no Spectators, the looser will get the next Map choice.

  • Swoping
    In The Options Menu is a button Swop Menu where a Spectator can request to Swop places with another Spectator. A Player can also request a swop with a Spectator but not the other way around.

  • Remarks
    Not like previous version DuelGame42 no longer needs the ServerIP as it does its swopping in a different way.
    Should anyone try and change their nickname during the game they will be ignored.
    Winning credits are only awarded after the new Challenger has selected a map.

  • UT2Vote42 Game String
    GameType=(GameName="Tournament DUEL",HideVote=False,RequiredPlayers=2,MapLimits=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=True,

    Clientside Settings
    These can all be found in the User.ini file or set in the Client Menu.

  • bDefineSetup=True
    For internal use only - do not touch.

  • bNoWeaponNames=True
    Removes the weapon name display when picking up or switching weapons.

  • bDisplayTime=False
    Whether the local time is displayed or not at the bottom center.

  • bEndScoreBoard=True
    At game end it will force the scoreboard to be displayed.

  • bEndGameShot=False
    Whether a local screenshot is taken when the game ends.

  • bWeaponStats=True
    Displays all the weapon stats in the Scoreboard.

  • bHitSounds=True
    Gives a unique hit sound effect.

    Special thanks to the following for all the tests.
    Frogger - Socke - Nikki - ArPharazon
    bGrob26 - Daryl Matlock - Kris
    Jeremy Seering - Peter Kirines
    The Atari Forum Community.
    The UnrealZA Community.