EZVote v3

(c) ProAsm 2006/7/8

A Simple Voting Mutator for all UT2004 games.

Download EZVote v3

EZVote is a voting mutator for all UT2004 game.
When the game ends, the Map Menu will popup on everyones screens and the can choose a map to vote.
Once someone has voted for a map, another window will popup requesting a YES or NO vote.
If there are more YES votes the map will be selected for the next game.

A few Client options are also available in ths User.ini file
EZVote is a very simple and straight forward voting mutator and should be able
to run with any Gametype

To callup the Map Menu should you need it, use:
Mutate VoteMenu or Mutate EZVoteMenu or Mutate UT2VoteMenu
Although it will try and add a keybind to your ScrolLock key

Just unzip the files to the UT2004\System folder on your Server.
Add the Mutator to your Serverpackages (Serverside only)


Restart your Server and logon via WebAdmin.
Select the Mutator - EZVote and a restart the level.

To add EZVote in your startup commandline:


Ini File
For any new game type just add the correct parameters and EZVote should work.
There are also settings for:
If set to True then the MapMenu will not auto popup.
If set to True, then the games MapList will be used instead of the maps in the Maps folder.
The amount of time in seconds at GameEnd before voting times out and a random map is chosen.
If set to True, then voting will only be allowed at game end.
The Admin still has voting access though.

Map Voting

Vote Casting