Mutator which adds a new scoreboard for DM, LMS, TDM, TLMS, CTF, BurgerCTF, AS, DOM, AdvancedDOM, MH, JB, 4 Team Games.

FragScoreBoard (FSB) is based on the SmartDM 1.0.5 by The_Cowboy mod by ProAsm

This scoreboard will be displayed immediately after loading the level, when the player is in the waiting state

and will close immediately after the start of the match. Naturally, the scoreboard can be opened/closed manually using the F1 keys.


--------------UPDATE FSB--------------


Copy the new fsbXX.u (XX - new version FSB, YY - old version FSB) to System folder game.


Change the all values fsbYY to fsbXX in the files:

UnrealTournament.ini, mapvote.ini (the name file may be different depending on the mapvote you are using)




ServerPackages=fsbYY --> ServerPackages=fsbXX

ServerActors=fsbYY.FragSBActor --> ServerActors=fsbXX.FragSBActor


--------------INSTALLATION FSB--------------


Copy the fsbXX.u (XX - version FSB) to System folder game.





ServerActors=fsbXX.FragSBActor (or as a mutator: fsbXX.FragSB)


ServerActor or mutator must be placed at the end of the ServerActors or mutators chain, respectively.


After starting the server, the FragScoreBoard.ini file with the FragScoreBoard settings is created in the System folder game.

Description of settings:


bNewMultiKillMsg=False (True — displays on FSB new multiKill messages Double>Triple>Multi>Mega>Ultra>Monster>Ludicrous>HolyShit,False - displays on FSB classic multiKill messages)

bBroadcastMultiKillMsg=True (True - displays a broadcast multiKill messages in chat area)

bAfterGodLikeMsg=True (True - displays a broadcast message after a Godlike message "This is just TOO EASY for...")

bLongRangeMsg=True (True - displays a client message after a long range kill "Long Range Kill!")

bSpawnKillerMsg=True (True - displays a broadcast message after several persistent kills while respawning "....is a spawnkilling lamer!")

SpawnKillTime=1.000000 (Time that counts for a kill when respawning)

bShowRemainingTime=False (True - displays time until the end of the match)

CountryFlagsPackage=CountryFlags3_v2 (The package that contains the flags)





In console: mutate smartdm alt - hides/unhides the bottom of the ScoreBoard with information about pickups and multikills.


In 4 team games, the FSB is displayed in Alt-Scoreboard (hidden values, "PICKUPS", "KILTYPE", "Orders", "Location") mode by default.

This allows to see up to 4 players on screen in a team.


FragSB must be run as ServerActor for tournament games (bTournament=True).

This will allow to see the flags-ready-to-play on the scoreboard.


Not clear value on the FSB: Survivability (Surv) - Defined by (AwakeTime)/(number of deaths).

AwakeTime is time between Spawn of player and his/her death.


asosed and ProAsm
Tester: `esnesi