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Server Command Line

It is of  Paramount Importance that the server startup commandline uses the DM-Tutorial.unr Map.

This is so MapVoteX knows that this is a Server Startup and not just a level or game change over.
When MapVoteX sees the DM-Tutorial.unr map, it now selects the DefaultGame start which is represented by:
DefaultCustomGameNum=X where X is the number of the CustomGame[x] which the admins chooses as the default Game.
So the GameClass or whatever else is in the Server Startup Commandline has no significance what so ever and can be anything you like, because when the DM-Tutorial.unr map is seen, MapVoteX will restart the default game.
UCC Server DM-Tutorial?Game=Botpack.DeathMatchPlus?Mutator=MapVoteX112.MapVoteX

If you start the server in any other way using some other map MapVoteX will NOT work!!!

About MapVoteX

MapVoteX detects which game is running by the GameName and not the GameClass as other vote applications use.
This enables MapVoteX to use many games, although we have settled on 200 games which should suffice any Admin.
These 200 Games can all have the same GameClass etc as long as the GameNames are different.
In each game MapVoteX will write your selected GameName to the clients Scoreboard.

Each of the 200 games can have their own set of maps, this allows the Admin to have different DM maps for all different types of games that all use DM maps for instance.
To do this is easy and MapVoteX will take care of the paths needed for the seperate Game Map Folders.
Each CustomGameConfigs has a MapFolder= where the Admin can point to the specific MapFolder.
For instance it is probably best to make sub folders off the current Maps folder where you will store maps for a specific game.
Lets take the game Sniper Arena DeathMatch for an example, here ytou can have a map folder called Sniper where all the DM maps for this specific game go and add in the MapFolder=Maps/Sniper
MapVoteX will now automatically set the paths in the ini file to Paths=..Maps/Sniper/*.unr for you.

It is at this point we advise you to remove ALL maps from your servers current Maps folder and put them in special folders for the various games which may mean duplicating several maps but with todays huge hard drives that is not a problem.
Maps that MUST remain in the Maps folder are: DM-Tutorial.unr, Entry.unr and CityIntro.unr.

It is also advisable for the admin to keep the DefaultMap from each game in the standard Maps folder, however this will mean using as few defaultmaps as possible.

MapVoteX can load up to 1000 maps per game.

Installing the Mod

Starting the mod for the very first time.

1. Add the MapVoteX112.u to your System folder.
2. In your UnrealTournament.ini file add it as a Serverpackage=MapVoteX112
3. Start the server and login as Admin - AdminLogin password
4. Bring down the console and type: Mutate MapVoteX SpawnFiles
    This will create all the necessary .ini files needed.
5. Stop the server.

MapVoteX Parameters

In the MapVoteX.ini fill out what is needed:


If you want the mapvote menu to auto popup at game end, set this to True.

If voting during the game is allowed.

This is for Admins only as it writes a lot of stuff to the log to try and diagnose a possible problem.

MapVoteX offers most the ! commands needed and this will enable them.
Just check that some other mod does not also have them before enabling.

Normally at game end and during voting the game will wait till all the players have voted and the map with the most votes wins.
However with this set to True, the vvote will be decided once the majority of players have voted.

This will allow the loading of a .utx file for the server logo at game start.

This will show a Welcome screen in the Mapvote Menu where a custom .utx file can be loaded for server or game advertising etc.

During the game, if a players calls for the Vote Menu, the Welcome screen will show first.

Setting this to True will alphabetically sort the Games in the vote list.

Setting this to True, will enable the server to switch back to the default game as in DefaultCustomGameNum= if no players are playing on the server.
New in version 107d, setting this to True, will enable the server to switch to a Random map if no players are playing on the server.
The time server will stand empty with no players before it switches to the default Game/Map or a Random map.
If mid game voting is permitted, the delay time it takes before the vote menu can be opened from the start of the game.

At game end, the total voting time allowed before a random map is used.

At game end, the time it takes before the vote menu pops up.

The number of games that go by before the map becomes available again to vote.

An alternate method to the default method where the Paths= get changed in the server.ini file [Core.System] which points to the MapFolder= in the CustomGame list.
When using the CustomGameMapLists MapVoteX will list the Paths from the MapFolders from all games in the [Core.System] in the ini file.

This is a very important setting and points to the CustomGame[x] that you wish to be your default game.
This is also the game that will be chosen when the server starts up with the DM-Tutorial.unr map.

This enables MapVoteX to switch in and out the necessary ServerPackages and ServerActors as needed for each game type. (See MapVoteXD.ini)

In the Admin Menu, is a Maintenance button, which just basically restarts the server with a Specific ServerName, a GamePassword and 1 Bot which can be used by the Admin to inspect various things.
Clicking the button a second time puts everything back to normal.
NB: The server should not be exitted or stopped during a Maintenance mode.

If you wish to run a private server with a password for the players, add that password here, or leave it blank.

This was added as some servers do not show an IP address for some reason, so just add it here with the port.
Example: ServerIpAddress=
Basically in the Info or Welcome screens a Add to Favourites button will appear if this information is present.

Add whatever mutators that will load with every game here separated by commas.

Example: DefaultMutators=SmartDM105.SmartDM,UTbots.UTBots,UTLogit.Logit
Add whatever mutators that will load with every game here separated by commas.
Example: DefaultSettings=MaxPlayers=24,FragLimit=30,TimeLimit=20,GameSpeed=1.15


Here MapVoteX offers 200 possible different game types which can all use the same GameClass if need be as MapVoteX goes bt Game Names and as long as they are names all different everything will work as required.
This should be set to true if you want it listed in the Vote Menu provided all the parameters are filled in.

This should have the folder name of where the maps are for this game. Up to 5 different folders can be used separated by commas.
Example: MapFolder="Maps/DM1,Maps/Sniper,Maps/DM2"

This is the map which will start the game when it is voted and should be a popular map.
Example: DefaultMap="DM-Deck16]["

Here you add a Game name of your choice.
Example: GameName="DeathMatch Killer"

The actual Game class for this game as required.
Example: GameClass="Botpack.DeathMatchPlus"

Whatever mutators that may be required for this game.
Example: Mutators="Jopack.RocketArena,UTBots.UTBots"

Whatever settings that may be required for this game.
Example: Settings="MinPlayers=6,MaxPlayers=12,FragLimit=30,TimeLimit=20"


With each CustomGame you can have a different Servername which is added here.



These are used and set internally by MapVoteX and should be left alone. However the bAdjustIndividualGames should be set by the admin and indicates whether maps should decrement bu gae type or all at once.


Server Splash Logo

If all the games use the same logo, then just fill in the 1st SplashLogo[0] and set this to True.


This is self explanatory.

This is the name of the logo which resides inside a .utx file created by the admin.

This is the name of the sound that accompanies the logo which resides inside a .uax file created by the admin.

This is the position on the screen where you wish to place the logo and is set in percentage '%'
Example: X=25,Y=80
This will place the center of your logo 25% of the way across, and 80% of the way down the screen, ie, the bottom left corner.
NB. leaving it as X=0,Y=0 will place it in the center and 2 thirds of the way down or is the same as X=50,Y=70

Welcome Screen Logo

Same as the SplashLogo, if all the games use the same logo, then just fill in the 1st WelcomeLogo[0] and set this to True.

If a website URL is entered here a Website button will appear in the Welcome Window and if clicked will take the player to the website.

This should contain an email address, like whatever@gmail.com for a Contact button to appear.

This is the name of a extra button that can be used by the admin if the url is filled in bnelow.

The URL for the extra button.

Set this to True if you want the logo to be stretched equally over the welcome Window.

This is the name of the logo which resides inside a .utx file created by the admin.

This is the name of the sound that accompanies the logo which resides inside a .uax file created by the admin.



This is where you add all the relavent ServerPackages each game uses when bEnableServerPackages=True in the MapVoteX.ini file.
There are 3 sets of ServerPackages, the TopSvrPacks which handle the top default ServerPackages, the CustomGames[0] ServerPackages for each game, separated by commas, and the BotSvrPacks which carry the default packages that need to come after the game.



The same applies here as with the above ServerPackages in that there are 3 sets of ServerActors, the TopSvrActor which handle the top default ServerActors, the CustomGames[0] ServerActors for each game, separated by commas, and the BotSvrActor which carry the default Actors that need to come after the game.

Admin Messages

This is for internal use only and is where players will leave the admin a message from the Info Window in the Vote Menu.
MapVoteX will also leave messages here for the admin, should a map crash, the Paths have not been filled in properly and various other game options.

Custom Game MapLists