MapVoteX Beta

Version 106j

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Changes and fixes in 106

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Changes and fixes in 105

105a and b
Up to 100 player logins are recorded with Date and Time, their Nicks, IPs, screen resolution and number of times logged in.
This information is display to the admin in the menu and saved in MapVoteXm.ini
The number of CustomGames has increased from 30 to 100 including everything that goes with them.
Additional ServerPackages and ServerActors can now also be added to the CustomGames.
Server Actors and Packages have been increased from 20 to 100 each.
Default packages and actors added to over ride the UT standard default packages and actors.
Using a semicolon ';' infront of a package, actor or mutator will disable it and not be used.
Vote Games has changed quite a bit in that when a new game is voted, the maps for that game will be loaded and displayed to vote on.
This operation is quick and easy and does not require a large area to operate.
There is now options to change colors of the Menu and also its position on the screen.
These options are stored in the players User.ini

105c to 105n
All 30 Splash Logos have been dumped and replaced with only one logon logo.
Splash Logos can now be 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024 in size.
All MapLists have also been dumped as they occupied too much space.
ServerNames per game have also been dumped and replaced with one overall server name.

All maps and game maps can now be cached when the server starts.
NB: This can take a while but it only happends when the server first starts.
Changed ScoreBoardDelay to PopupWindowDelay
Admin can now set what games to cache in Info window.
Fixed last admin message not displaying.
Pressing the shift key will now scroll Admin messages left and right.

105o to 105t
Added 200 Aliases for bulk Mutators, ServerPackages and ServerActors.
Added required Map Prefixes to CustomGames.
Increased total maps per game to 500.
Fixed when the wrong game was displayed at start

105u to 105y
Added a Restart Map button to the Votemenu for retarting the current map.
Added a Random Map button to the Votemenu for players to vote for a random map.
Add many many technical items and operations to fix various stuff :)