Private Messages
UnrealTournament 2004

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PM2 has been updated for AntiTCC 2009 compatibility.

PM (Private Messages) enables players to chat and send personalized messages to one another during a game and can be recorded and saved for reference.
Serverside, the Admin also has an option to record all PMs in the servers Userlog folder.

Private Message Menu
Here you have several options.
Sending a Message
If you are initiating a message, the Received Message window will be blank.
Type a message in the PM: editbox, click on a Player in the PlayerList and click on Send

Receiving a Message
Once someone has sent a message to you from their Menu, you will here a "Notify" sound, as well as a message in the chat area:
** Press P for a Private Message ** (P will be replaced by whatever keybind you choose).
When you receive this message together with the "Notify" beep, open your menu and read the PM.
Answer is shown in "Sending a Message".

The default keybind for getting the PM menu up is the P key, however this can be changed in the Menu to whatever the player wants.

Setting Keybinds
In the Menu there is provision to set a new keybind.
The keybinds are done in the same principle as several other of our mods.

Player Muting In the Menu you will see a Mute button.
Selecting a player in the Player List and clicking the Mute button will Mute that player and it will be shown with a [Muted] next to the nickname in the player list.
Muting a already Muted Player, will un-mute the Player.
Up to a maximum of 16 players can be muted.
Muted Players will not be able to send you any kind of message at all, whether PM or normal.
However in a Teamgame, a Muted Player will still be able to send you a Team Message but not a PM.

Just unzip to your servers System folder and add the command:
Add to command line: ?Mutator=PM2.PMMut
A Serverpackage needs to be declared.

PM config options:

1. Serverside


If set to True (default) then all PMs will be logged to a log file in the Userlogs folder.
This file is called PMxx.log where xx is the current month.

If set to True (default) then the PM logon keybind message will show to the player when he joins a game.

As all messages are now stored and displayed in the players menu, if this option is True (default) then the players Sent messages will also be recorded and displayed in his/her menu.

2. Clientside.

The following is stored in the players User.ini file:

This is used internally by PM2 and should not be touched.

If this is set to True, all Private Messages will be disabled.

If this is set to True, all Private Messages will be disabled.

This will enable all PMs to be logged in the users Userlogs folder in a file called PMes.log

If this is set to True, then all messages will be carried over to the next level.

This is the actual keybind and is set in the PM Menu