Tournament DUEL


Release Version 3.0

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ProDuel offers

  • Auto Player/Spectator positioning.
  • Spectator rotation to play next.
  • Spectator position swopping.
  • Player to Spectator swopping.
  • Next Player map selection option.

    Game Information

    Playing the Game
    A player can logon on as a player or a spectator although it is best that everyone logs as a Player and not a Spectator, and once in the Game, swop with a Spectator if you do not want to play immediatley. The reason for this is should you log on as a Spectator, then move up the ranks to become the next Player, it is sometimes possible that you will get a "Connection Failed" from the server.

    The 1st two players to logon will be accepted as the players.
    Any further players logging on (up two 12) will automatically become Spectators.
    These Spectators will be listed in order of logon and displayed with their ping status marked green in the scoreboard. The Top Spectator who will be marked Red will be the next player who plays the Winner of the current game.

    When the current game ends, the winner will recieve a Map Check Window which will check what maps he/she has in his/her maplist. This is so the next player cannot choose a map that the winner does not have. The top Red Spectator will then receive a Map Selection window from which he/she can select a map to play the current Winner.
    This Spectator also has the choice of setting WeaponStay or PowerUps on, as these are defaulted off at the end of each level. At this point the Top Red Spectator will become the second Player (Challenger) and the looser of the current game will become a Spectator and slot in at the bottom of the list.

    Should there be no Spectators, the looser will get the next Map choice.

    Should a Player leave or quit the game, that player will temporarily be disqualified, and not allowed back in for the first 30 seconds at game start.

    The Scoreboard


    Spectator Options
    By bringing down the Console and typing the command:
    Mutate PDMENU
    A Spectator or Player will receive a popup window with various options.

    Bind PDMenu
    A key can be bound to save type the command each time.

    This option will only be available if a Player is missing after a period.
    A Spectator can then become the missing Player. This is normally when only a Spectator and one player are left in the game.

    This enables a Spectator to view the Player in a Players perspective view.

    Submit Swop
    Here a Spectator can request to swop places in the list with another Spectator.
    The Specator can also type in a short reason for wanting to make the swop.
    The requested Spectator will receive a popup Window giving him/her the option of either accepting or rejecting the swop. The sequence will then be resorted.

    Player Options
    Any Player has the Option of requesting a swop with a Spectator.
    NB.. A Spectator cannot request a swop with a Player.
    Players will start the game as in any normal Tournament game.
    Players also have the option of Muting the Spectators so that their chatting does not interfere with their game.
    Spectator Muting is reset at the end of each game for comments.

    Next Player
    When the current game ends, the Top Red Spectator will receive a popup window requesting him/her to select a map to play the Winner.
    Here he/she has the option of add WeaponStay or PowerUps to the map selection.
    Should this window be closed for whatever reason, it will popup again after 15 seconds until a map is selected. Should no map be selected after 2 minutes, the next map in the server maplist will be chosen and the server will switch accordingly.

    Next Game
    Once the Top Spectator has selected a map, the sequence will be setup for the next game, the order saved and the level will change.
    NB.. if there are no Spectators, the looser will get the map option.

    Admin Options
    Either logging on as an Admin or the Nickname in the ProDuelcgf.ini files PDAdmin will be accepted for the ProDuel Admin options.
    This person can be change by the Server Admin in the Admin configs.

    Mutate PDMaps password
    This will bring up the map selection window.
    When the Admin receives the popup he/she will be given the option to remove any map (up to 50 maps) in the map list.
    When the level restarts these maps will then not be shown in the list.

    Mutate PDList
    This will display all the rejected maps in the Console.

    Admin Map Reject Option
    Only the Admin will see the Admin Tab.

    Admin Config Options
    Only the Admin can see this window

    This will clear all Spectator and Player sequences and restart game.

    This will save all player positions and restart the current level.

    Kick nickname
    This will kick a Player or Spectator out the game.

    Restore Map
    Restore a previous rejected map from the MapList .

    Max Spectators
    Enter the total number of Spectators allowed (2 to 12).

    This sets the game Frag and Time Limits
    eg: 15.10 = FragLimit of 15 and a Time Limit of 10

    This can be set On or Off which will enable/disable the winners
    maps being checked before the challenger gets the Mapchoice.

    Ban/Accept IPs
    This setting needs some explanation as the input is critical.
    Either a 0 or a 1 followed by a dot. eg 0. or 1.
    Should it be a 0. then the next two should be IP Prefixes as a 0. means
    BAN IP addresses starting below the first and IP addresses above the second.
    Eg.. 0.50.120
    This setting will reject all player IP addresses starting below 50 and above 120. For instance should a player try and logon with an IP address of say he will be Rejected by Server as his IP Prefix (24) is below 50. The same goes for someone with an IP address of say as in this case his IP Prefix is above 120
    The game is defaulted to 1.999 and can be changed to anything, but great care needs to be taken here as you can well imagine.

    Should the 1st entry be a 1. then ONLY IP Prefixes entered will be accepted.
    Eg.. (up to 10 can be set)
    Now only Players with and IP Prefix starting with one of the 10 entered
    will have access to your server. Any number from up to ten can be entered.
    NB. When editing this, ALL IP Prefixes need to be entered.

    Server IP
    This sets the server IP address in the format 12.34.56
    NB. without this Player to Spectator swopping is not possible.

    NB. All the above options require a level restart.

    NB. Clicking some Buttons will give current settings.

    Console Mutate Commands

    Mutate PDMenu
    Brings up the main ProDuel Menu.

    Mutate PDMaps
    For Admin use only. Needs password

    Mutate PDList
    This will list all the rejected maps in the Console.

    Mutate PDIP
    This will display the Server IP address.

    Mutate PDIPAccept
    This will list the accepted IP prefixes if selected.

    Server Installation

    Unzip the files ProDuel3.u, ProDuel3.int and ProDuelCfg.ini into the UnrealTournament\System folder. Set the options in the ProDuelCfg.ini file as follows:

    Enter an appointed Admin nickname here.
    Enter the servers IP address here, eg:
    The Game Frag Limit
    The Game Time Limit
    If set to false then the Ban IP's will be in effect. This will enable you do ban an IP's below and above 2 set IP prefixes. Default is 1.199
    If bAcceptIP is set to True, the you can enter up to 10 IP prefixes that you allow on the server. All others will be kicked.
    If set to False, the checking of the Winners maps at game end will be disabled.
    Enter a password here for the Mutate PDMaps password.

    Start the server up and logon on as a ServerAdmin.
    Bring down the Console and enter:

    Admin ServerTravel Dm-Morpheus?Game=ProDuel3.ProDuel