SmartDM Beta

Version 1.0.8i

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Changes and Fixes in 108

Universal TalkTexture alignment
Fixed 2/4 Team game detection

108a to f
Added player local time to scoreboards.
Added icon badges for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Set AltScoreboard as default.
Replaced dead icon with skull and crossbones.
Added scoreboard class to one SmartDM.
Reset all icons and text displays.
Removed the dreadfull squeeling sound.
Added Header user optional banners.
Made menu moveable.
Made default scoreboard optional.
Fixed netspeed indication.
Made Gameinfo reduced to 10 but multi game names.
Changed X when no country flag for faceless icon.
Enabled 800 x 600 resolution.
Allowed old CountryFlags2 and 3.
Added BotInfo[] bUse, CountryFlag, CountryName, Ping with random packetloss and netspeed.
Added if Bot Ping=0 then chooses random 10 to 300 ping.
Added back bShowCTFScoreboard
Added Stats: FlagReturns, FlagKills, Covers, Saves, Assists, Bonuses.
Added 4th stat line in Alt CTF Scoreboard.
Added 5th stat line in Normal CTF Scoreboard.
Added back bNewFragSystem.
Added ServerLanCountryFlag and Name for NoFlag.
Added script DebugMode ****
Added off board player to all Scoreboards.
Added Score/Frags/Deaths switch timer to CTF.
Added player Score to HUD.
Added CTF Headshots and Suicides to Score/Frags/Deaths switch Timer
Added F3 switch alt/norm Scoreboards if bAllowDefaultBoard=False
Added PlayerRecovery. (if player is disconnected, player reconnects with all stats)
Added Mutate SmartDM Anonymous to remove yellow and white player display (admin only)