By Asosed and ProAsm

Version 27

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About SmartBan
This is a Mutator to Ban or Un-Ban, Kick and Transfer players to a Spectator mode.
The player will be banned by IP and also by a SmartBan ID and, if the server uses ACE by the ACE HWID.

As from version 15 SmartBan now combines the use of ACE 12 and 13 all in one
If using ACE anti-cheat on server copy also:
IACEv12.u and sbe12.u for ACE1.2x
IACEv13.u and sbe13.u for ACE1.3x

Installing SmartBan
Add the following to the Servers UnrealTournament.ini file:
Or as a Mutator: Mutator=sbn27.SmartBan

Using SmartBan
1. Log as Administrator or StealthAdmin.
2. To open the SBN window, type in console: mutate smartban

In the "Currents Player" column, select the player you want to ban or kick or transfer in spectator mode and click the corresponding button.
Banned player goes to "Banned Players" column. The kicked player will be kicked from the server before the end of the current match.

Banned player details

In the "Banned Players" column, select the player you want to un-ban and click the un-ban button.

Ini file Settings
AdminEmail= The email field that will be displayed to players after a Ban or Kick.
If the field is empty then email for contact will be taken from UnrealTournament.ini
bDebugLog=False This is the Admin to see certain debug log entries.
bNoHWID=False True - if server uses ACE but the admin does not want SBN to use ACEs ID.
HWIDWaitTimer=25 Works if bNoHWID=False. This is the time allowed for a player to be scanned by ACE before sending the HWID key to SmartBan.
Decreasing HWIDWaitTimer may result in kicked off players with slower computers.

Ban/Kick Messages

bCenterText=True - The text will be center aligned in the Kick/Ban/Ace window.

BannLine1=You have been BANNED for breaking
BannLine2=server rules or using cheats.
BannLine3=Not agree - contact the admin at:

KickLine1=You have been KICKED for breaking
KickLine2=server rules or using cheats.
KickLine3=Not agree - contact the admin at:

AceLine1=Access to the server is only possible
AceLine2=by having ACE anti-cheat installed!
AceLine3=For queries - contact the admin at:

SBN Admin
SmartBan includes the option of appointing up to 10 SBN Admin.
An Options Tab in the Menu is available only to the Server Admin.
Only the Server Admin can select or remove a SBN Admin.

SBN Admin Operations
1. The SBN Admin can only see the Kick/Ban Menu.
2. The SBN Admin can only Kick a Player or send the Player to Spectate.
3. The SBN Admin can Ban or Un-Ban a Player only if the Server Admin has ticked the Allow Banning.
4. The SBN Admin is not a Server Admin and does not have any Server Admin rights.
5. The SBN Admin is always an admin and does not need to login etc.
6. The SBN Admin uses his SBNID as his/her login Key.

Other Info
If ACE is installed on the server and bNoHWID=False in the SmartBan.ini settings, then players with Linux/Mac, as well as players with Windows who closed the ACE installation window, will be kicked from the server.
When first logging in, this will happen after a set timeout in seconds, when reconnecting.
This is due to the fact that these players do not have ACE anti-cheat installed and, accordingly, they can use cheats.

An Administrator can get information about a player in the SBN.ini file in the local System folder by double-clicking the player name in the SBN window.