Adds a cool Scoreboard
Version 1.0.7x

Download SmartDM 107x


Name: SmartDM
Version: 1.0.7x
Release:February 2020
Description: Detailed Scoreboards for Deathmatch, LMS, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Assault.
Authors: The_Cowboy / ProAsm / noOne
Thanks to: no0ne / Jojoza
Website: http://www.proasm.com
Optimised: Direct3D / OpenGL
Technical: SmartDM107_Readme included in final release


Add SmartDM107x.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Open your Server.ini file and add under:

Add to the command line: ?Mutators=SmartDM107x.SmartDM

Changes and Fixes in SmartDM107x

Image placing in 800x600 and 1920x1080 improved.
Stats over run when more than 12 players fixed.
Fixed logon logo not fading away.
Allowed for CountryFlags 2 and 3.

Changes and Fixes in SmartDM107

SmartDM107 is basically a complete re-write of SmartDM105.
SmartDM107 has big improvements with IpToCountry operations in that it has a much bigger flag with the country name of the player.
A new CountryFlags32b.utx created by no0ne is added and should be part of the serverpackage on your server.
107 now offers the admin the choice of personal icons to be used for Teams, Bots, Death, 1st, 2nd and 3rd badges, CTFflags etc.
Team headers, team text and colors can now be changed by the admin to anything he/she wants. 107 is now fully compatible with resolutions. 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1600x900 and 1920x1080.
107 also shows a players local time for everyone to see.
SmartDM now incorporates its Scoreboard and is no longer a seperate identity.
A frame has been added around the menu so you can move the menu top where you want it.
The Alt-Scoreboard now shares a single icon slot.
The GameInfo has been reduced to 10 but several GameNames can be added to show the header color required by a game.

Changes and Fixes in SmartDM105

SmartDM105 has a few minor changes that were left out in 104.
It basically adds a CTF Scoreboard for the DM player.
The CTF Scoreboard in no way competes as a Smart scoreboard but just fills the void so to speak.
105 also give the option whether Assault or Domination games can use its TDM scoreboard.


By request, this is been added back to disable the enhanced multikill messages.

The bStatsDrawFaces has been moved to clientside and is now available in the clients menu.

The GameInfos has been incresed from 10 to 30 to match that of MapVoteX.
It is basically to recognise the GameName and change its color in the scoreboard.

Changes and Fixes in SmartDM104

1. Expanded viewable player displays.
This has been greatly increased and is also screen resolution dependant.

2. Added a Team Game Scoreboard.
A basic TDM Scoreboard has been add to SmartDM.

3. Optional TDM headings.
Custom Team Game Headings can be added.

4. Added a client menu.
Mutate SmartDM Menu
A direct means for clients to configure their scoreboards.

5. Added Bot icons.
These icons make for easier identification of Bots.

6. Skull icon.
If a player is dead a small skull icon will display next to his name.

7. Pickup Items.
These have been highlighted to enhance identification.

8. Player Display Options.
The scoreboards can switch between standard and slim boards offering more player displays.
The DeathMatch sequence can also be change to single file or standar duel in line.
9. Game Options.
Options to change Game Names and color in Scoreboard.
GameInfo(0)=(bEnabled=True,GameClass="Botpack.DeathMatchPlus",GameName="Killer Deathmatch",Color="R=255,G=255,B=0")

10. Menu Options
Mutate SmartDM Menu will bring up a client menu for various scoreboard settings.
NB: it is important to have the scoreboard showing when utilizing this menu.

Client Side options
NB: These options are in the client menu (Mutate SmartDM Menu)

Whether the scoreboard should be totally transparent or have a shaded background.

True will remove Pickups and Multikills thus allowing more players to be displayed.

True will show DeahMatch players inline, for 12 players, 1 to 6 on left and 7 to 12 on the right.

If True in a TeamGame, the Red Team / Blue Team heading will alter.

True will show Tick Rate and Frame Rate (FPS) will be displayed at bottom right of scoreboard.

If True the players crosshair will be displayed while viewing the scoreboard.

In the menu is an option to set a keybind for Mutate SmartDM Menu

A special thanks to noOne for all the inputs and testing of this mod.