Adds several cool Scoreboards
Version 120

Download SmartSB 120

Change Log

Configuration Guide



Add SmartSB120.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Add SmartSBStats.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Add CountryFlags33.utx to your UTServer/Texture folder.
Open your Server.ini file and add under:


Optional method.

Or add to the command line: ?Mutators=SmartSB120.SmartSB
This needs to be the last mutator in the command line.

SmartSB now has a plugin (SmartSBStats.u) which needs to go into the System folder.
This file will always be the same and does not need updating, but needs to be present on every new version.

Country Flags
In order for your server to display the country flags you need to install IpToCountry.
All installation instructions in the Readme

Download ipToCountry v1.6

For the latest flag textures used in SmartSB download CountryFlags33
and unzip into your UT/Textures folder.

Download CountryFlags33

For those that use Nexgen112N
NexgenSSB is a Nexgen plugin to allow SmartSB ServerInfo when pressing F2.

Download NexgenSSB
Instructions in Readme

MultiKill Problems
If you experience a MultiKill display or sound problem set:
Then use another mod like 2k4Combos

Changes and Fixes in SmartSB

Version 120
Fixed critical Multikill GPF in 436.
Fixed several local botmatch bugs.

Version 119
Added Player left stats from recovery
Fixed stats shimmer
Added !map for Map info
Swapped Kdr with Scores in Top20
Added Scores minus Deaths option in menu
Added Top20 reset after 23 hrs after last play
Added Top20 update when player plays to end
Added Over Time voting extra time
Added CTF_PlayerHatTrick for CTF games
Fixed TimeMessage warnings
Fixed Top100 FPS and delays
Fixed Top20 FPS and delays
Renamed all CHSpectator to Spectator
Added temp fix for current SSB Helper's
Added ssb100 solid background option
Added Top20/100 Kdr percentage option
Raised winning flag position slightly
Removed LastPlayer 10/20 option
Fixed short Game Players shading
Added Top20/LastPlayers auto shade
Re-aligned Top20/100 Kdr display
Fixed several accessed nones

Version 118
Added frags to CTF for medium fonts.
Added SSBID to detect last players.
Fixed offline Lastplayers etc.

Version 117
Fixed Top20 screen shivering.
Fixed several accessed nones.
Fixed Bot sorting in Top20.
Fixed fonts in ServerInfo F2.
Improved acccuracy readings.
Kdr/Fph in scoreboards now for current game.
Added spectator trap for Top100.
Added option in menu for scrolling Top20.
Added option in menu for 20 Last Players.
Added Halloween scoreboard.
Added second Admin menu.
Aligned Top20/Last up to 4k.
Improved on Top20/Last faces.
Improved login Top20 display.
Fixed Hide Admin option.
Added Party boards brightness.
Added IP detection to Last Players.
Added if Kdr 0.00 will now be blank.
Added Top20 / Last scrolling speed.
Added instant tool tips to all Menus.
Fixed SSB logo at 4k.
Added Last Player scores option.
Removed several serverside options.
Fixed CTF Orders/Location font.
Fixed major accessed nones in CTF scoreboard.

Version 116
Added Kdr (Kill Death Ratio) Frags/Deaths.
Added Fph (Frags Per Hour).
Added Kdr and Fhr to single scoreboard.
Added Kdr and Fhr to spectator stat view.
Fixed single scoreboard player number.
Fixed death icon position in single scoreboard.
Added Kdr to include current at game end.
Removed Fph from spectator view.
Re-aligned Spectator stats view sizing.
Added Kdr to Top100.
Added UDamageReward detection to disable timer.
Added bMultiKillBroadcasts to disable multikill messages.
Added Kdr and Fph to help screen.
Fixed TmpTex accessed nones in DM and Team HUDs.
Fixed new Bot name now accepted in 500 list.
Removed rightside Top20 display.
Added sound now plays without splashlogo.
Fixed player number showing on medals.
Top100 only available after game start.
Removed Top20/Last10 scrolling.
Improved JailBreak scoreboard.
Set top20/last10 to instant display.
Optimized fps on displays.
Realigned face and flags in Top100.
Remove last place and humilating defeat from team games.
Fixed local skill log errors.
Rescalled all scoreboards up to 4k.
Rescalled all huds up to 4k.
Added bHideAdmin logon and display.

Version 115
Removed health check in overtime.
Fixed CTF mini scoreboard overtime score.
Fixed various vulnerabilities.
Fixed several accessed nones.
Fixed Bot incoming sound etc.
Fixed spectator ! command detection.
Added bAddServerToFavs option at game end.

Version 114
Removed Denied and HatTrick timers.
Added back denied delay to 1 sec.
Added back HatTrick delay to 1 sec.
Fixed several more client accessed nones.
Fixed scoreboard client side configs.
Added CTF Denied sound for near players.
Added CTF HatTrick sound for 3 caps.
Increased UTChatFlagCfg to 50.
Added SmartSBClient for standard configs.
Added back 512x64 killtype textures.
Fixed several accessed nones.
Several adjustments made by buggie.

Version 113
Fixed player ping not showing in bDisableBotInfo.
Fixed all Team Headings.
Fixed UT Remaining time not showing if overtime.
Added overtime center logo.
Added overtime scores to scoreboard.
Added overtime count to mini scoreboard.
Added CTF_SubtractFlag option for overtime.
Added overtime limit to admin menu.
Added Overtime sound to all clients.
Added SubtractFlag option to admin menu.
Added Cap subtraction to Admin menu.
Added bUseNameInSearch in playerstats search.
Added back PlayerStats from 111.
Removed search for name in playerstats.
Fixed Player listed names, now SSBID only.
Added MultiKill textures.
Added Disable scoreboards.
Remove HUD and Scoreboard if Siege.
Added KillSpreeDisplay.bUse to Menu.
Added Top20/last10 to ClientClass if Siege.
Added level change notify to all windows.
Added Names to 20 alt flags for UTChat.
Removed most of alt IP flags etc.
Made AltFlags compatible with UTChat.
Removed SmartSBIpCheck now part of PRI.
Set killmessges default to x=80, y=90.
Fixed DM Hud chat and center text.
Fixed Team Hud chat and center text.
Fixed Team Game blur.
Removed SSB Hud in Jailbreak.

Version 112
Fixed Top20/last10 slow scroll.
Fixed DM Hud chat and center text.
Fixed Team Hud chat and center text.
Fixed Team Game blur.
Removed SSB Hud in Jailbreak.
Changed Top20 to HUD display.
Added WelcomeMessage to all games.
Added Y position to WelcomeMessage.
Centered SplashLogo better.
Improved player accuracy.
Updated Help window.
Removed MOTD at logon.
Fixed UT beacons health.
Fixed double logon game displays.
Fixed ssblogo not disabling.
Changed Top20 to HUD display.
Added WelcomeMessage to all games.
Added Y position to WelcomeMessage.
Centered SplashLogo better.
Improved player accuracy.
Added press Fire will stop join/leave display.
Added AirKillMessage option.
Added Player Hits to accuracy.
Added Player join/leave message option.
Fixed intermittent History display.
Fixed Assault scoreboard.
Removed jailbreak for nexgen access.
Removed Minigun, Pulsegun and BioRifle from accuracy.
Added auto 500 list update for IpAdds.
Added Hits to player recovery.

Version 111
Added 12 or 24 player option for History.
Fixed history days and hours.
Added disable history at game end.
Increased History timer 5 fold.
Added 24 hour player history (!ssbhist or !ssbhistory).
Fixed spectator dual ammo display.
Fixed possible blank spec stats.
Increased 300 back to 500; Added StatsPruningDate for player stats.
Added StatsPruningGame for player stats.
Added Stats saving at game start as well.
Added bBot to 300 list.
Reduced Join/Leave text size.
Changed Join/Leave text to Lime.
Renamed SmartSBTeamIcons to SmartSBGameIcons.
Removed default CountryFlagsPackage.
Added SmartSBIpCheck for unknown flags.
Set DM Inline player as default False.
Added a Join/Leave fade delay option.
Added Mutate JoinLeave xx (1 to 10).
Added Bot accuracy to TDM.
Added back Jailbreak Hud.
Added chain dead jailed icons fo JB.
Removed spectator stats if bEnablePlayerStats=False.
Teamhud now extends challenghud.
Shifted ammo 4 pixels if over 199.
Removed test indicator options.
Added additional sorting for Top20/100.
Added NegenHUD detection if no UTChat.
Added Buggies RestoreNexgenHUD.
if useNexgenHUD=True in Nexgen.ini.
Added 3 Indicator options: UseIndicatorFormula=1 (default).
Rescalled Top20, Last10 and winner flag icons.
Remove Nickname character cleanup.
Made Beacons in Team games only.
Enabled Top20 etc for spectators.
Removed \ | , ! characters from nicks.
Set all mipmapping Off for low detail.
Added bold option for beacon text.
Remake beacon class to universal.

Version 110
Fixed out of bound warnings.
Fixed team game HUD lag.
Changed the way Top20 works etc.
Made improvements on winner flag.
Fixed Top20 counts not saving.
Fixed Top20 scores not showing.
Fixed all PlayerStats defaults.
Improved on Top20 indicators.
Fixed huds for local botmatch + relics.
Fixed 1st position in Top100.
Fixed Top20 indicators (hopefully).
Added Indicator reset in Admin window.
Added if game Winner leaves the Players flag will be blank.
Added fixed scoreboard option for Admin in Menu.
Fixed Top10 listing on F2.
Fixed lagging huds in 109g.
Added greater Fnn compatibility.
Fixed F2 Player stats.
Fixed a zillion accessed nones in local log.
Fixed player beacons team mates only.
Fixed top100 spaces in display.
Set bUseBotKillsInStats=True as default Added Frags/Score switch in Top100.
Fixed Team icon alignment again.
Re-enabled game end stats on scoreboard.
Fixed flag timeout timers.
Fixed Tournament ready flags if fnn.
Fixed Top100 scores in DM and TDM.
Removed UT Beacons when Player beacons selected.
Fixed Accessed Nones in Hud.
Added bEnablePointer for beacons.
Fixed UT beacons stand alone.
Fixed many accessed nones and out of bounds.
Added bEnableUTBeacons.
Combined bTeamMatesOnly option for UT and Player Beacons.
Add player stats for spectators, DM and Team, option in menu.
Re-aligned all rightside team icons according to Hud scales.
Reduced 500 list to 300.
Added Top100 list to view use !ssb100.
Removed bSniperZoomInfo to enable UT name/health.
Added TraceTarget for beacons.
Fixed a zillion accessed nones in client UT.log.

Version 109
Fixed CTF flag count down.
Added zooming to beacons.
Fixed several accessed nones in huds.
Removed individual weapon accuracy.
Realigned TDM alt mini scoreboard.
Added back bTeamMatesOnly for beacons.
Added bUseAltMethod beacon option for test.
Fixed Duel scoreboard.
Added text shadow option for beacons.
Removed bTeamMatesOnly from beacons till further notice.
Fixed MiniSniper scoreboard in CTF.
Made additional checks in bTournament games.
Fixed return sound not working.
Added bAltReturnedSound for CTF.
Added Player Beacons with bUsePlayerBeacons.
Added Bot headshots to player BotFrags.
Added bUseBotKillsInStats for dummies.
Added bSniperZoomInfo for name and health.
Fixed bNoTop20Indicators on left and right sides.
Renamed bNoTop20Indicators to bTop20Indicators Fixed Top20 and Top10 regarding no bot kills.
Removed bTop20NoBotKills now under bUseBotsInStats.
Removed small scoreboard stats at game end.
Added Top TDM names to icons.
Created new GRI for Stats only.
Moved Top20ResetCount to SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved bNoTop20Indicators to SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved bSetTop20RightSide to SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved bDisableTop20Faces to SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved bTop20StatsCommandOnly to SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved bShowLastBackground to bTopLastBackground in SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved ShowTopBackground to bTopLastBackground in SmartSBPlayerStats.
Moved bTop20Indicators to bTop20Indicators in SmartSBPlayerStats.
Removed Removed Team Icons and Beacons, now one of each only.
Fixed bTop20NoBotKills=True again.

Version 108
Added option to remove top20 indicators, bNoTop20Indicators.
Added bUseAltMiniBoard for sniper DM and TDM.
Added addition X and size for splash logo.
Added user defined splash logo.
Added tournament purple flag to DM and Duel.
Added Checkboxes for Hudsizes, 4,5,6.
Added if bTop20NoBotKills=True bot kills do not count.
Fixed flag timeout when returned.
Added Returned sound when flag returns.
Fixed several accessed nones and out of bound errors.
Adjusted Playername in DM Mini SB.
Fixed greyed out mini headers in menu.
Added bUseMiniDMHeaders to all mini scoreboards.
Re-aligned all Team and CTF icons etc.
Added Burger CTF compatibility.
Added Jailbreak compatible Hud and Scoreboard.
Added Re-alignment of CTF4 Flag Carrier display positions.
Added Back all 105 stats sorting and Top20 at game start.
Added Increased indicator reset default from 9 to 25.
Removed sorting of deaths , suicides , headshots and games.

Version 107
Fixed 4 Team CTF flags and scaling.
Fixed Top20 and Last10 display saving.

Version 106
Fixed startup lag, re-wrote stats sorting.
Fixed Powerup icons in 4 way team games.
Removed PlayerCount in Max Hud size.
Remove bUsePlayerName in stats.
Added BotNames to BotInfo.
Added bUseBotNamesOnly to BotInfo.
Added Accuracy to all scoreboards.
Added Shots and Kills to personal scoreboard.

Version 105
Added Clientside ScrollInOutTime for Top20 and Last10 in menu.
Fixed several Accessed Nones.
Added up/dn/stable top 20 positions.
Removed Live Stat updates.
Reduced flag dropped timeout to 26 secs.
Moved LastPlayers to SmartSBPlayerStats.ini.
Added !ssbstats or Mutate SmartSB SSBStats for Top20 anytime.
Added scores to Top20 for possible ups.
Added lowering of left hud Powerups + clock in team games.
Added removal of Team icons in FNN mode.
Added bTop20StatsCommandOnly for !SSBStats only.
Added Top20ResetCount (default 9) for top20 resets.
Replaced Dead and Bot icons.
Removed all bScrolls in replication.
Fixed Score/Rank/Spread viewing.
Improved on Last10 shade lag.
Added bSetTop20RightSide.
Added bDisableTop20Faces.
Added Last10 next to Top20 if bSetTop20RightSide=True.

Version 104
Added Clientside bDisableDeadIcon to have flag instead.
Added Refined use of FNN and also starts straight away in huds.
Added back local time with option in info menu.
Added fix for Score/Rank/Spread in menu.
Added larger menu height.
Added Disable Top20 admin option in menu.
Added Raised top20/last10 titles 2 pixels.
Added Lowering of CTF flag carrier names.
Added Top20 players title option.
Added CTF flag dropped timeout now 30 secs.
Added Top20 / Last10 Title color option.

Version 103
Added No Player Recovery for LMS.
Added bShowLastPlayers and bShowLastBackground.
Added bShowTopPlayers and bShowTopBackground.
Added auto scan for names and scores in top 20 and last players.
Added 10 game name options to exclude in stats.
Added bExcludeStats in stats for above.
Added StealthAdmin compatible.
Added Last Players and Top20 now show for spectators.
Added Stats now highlight current player.
Added Menu tool tips in config window.
Added HeadHunter broadcast message.
Added Mutate SmartSB SortBots for sorting Bots in PlayerStats.
Added Client option in menu to enable scoreboard stats.
Added PlayerCount now default False.
Added bEnableMouseClick clientside and in menu for above.
Added Removal of Local clock time and Icon.
Added Player Time in Scoreboard Footer.
Added Tansparencies for D3D and D3D9 Renderers.
Added New individual Team PlayerCount textures.
Added Last 10 players title option.

Changes and Fixes in SmartSB102 Beta

Version 102w,x,y
Fixed CTF flag count downs.
Fixed 4 team flag displacements.
Fixed Playernum background transparency.
Removed bShowServerInfoHud as not exist.
Removed bUseBotsInCount clientside.
Added bNoBotsInPlayerCount serverside.
Added Disable Bots in PlayerNum in Admin Menu.
Added PlayerNum No Bots option in Team Games.
Fixed Player not seeing own say commands.
Fixed CTF flagcarrier names not fitting.
Fixed top time and boots after overtime.
Added back !ssb for ssb menu view.
Added bShowPlayerCount is now client option.
Added bShowSpecBotAmmo - Bot ammo for specs.
Added player armor, boots and time for specs.
Added bUseFragNewnet in clientside menu for Fnn compatibility.
Added Top Time left + Boots to minimized HUD.
Added bUseBotsInTop10 to exclude Bots in Top 10.

Version 102t,u,v
Added F2 keybind and PlayerStats.
Added SortStats for sorting.
Added bUsePlayerName in SSBPlayerStats.
Added Winning Player flag in DM.
Added Spectator Stats and views.
Added Top 10 Player stats.
Added Scoreboard stats display.
Fixed rank and other stuff.
Added TDM and CTF to F2 stats.
Added bNoLiveUpdates for F2 stats.
Added player local time in PRI.
Added faces to Top10 display.
Added UT icon for Bot flags.
Fixed stats if player joins or leave.
Added bUseTopTenOnly and bNoLiveUpdates in admin menu.
Added 3 second delay on F2.
Added Bot flag icon option to F2 stats.
Added Bot flag country nick option to F2 stats.

Version 102s
Fixed more access nones.
Re-aligned personal SB Icons.
Default fonts set to medium.
Added overall accuracy to personal SB.

Version 102r
Fixed JumpBoots count above 3.
Fixed more PlayerReplicationInfo access nones.

Version 102q
Fixed Domination scores.

Version 102p
Fixed several serverside access nones

Version 102o
Fixed CTF Game end stats. (again)

Version 102n
Fixed menu auto scaling
Fixed over riding stat lines in CTF
Added scoreboards for Team LMS

Version 102m
Fixed F3 scoreboard switching in DM with 2 players
Fixed 436/451 map switch crash

Version 102L
Fixed Rank/Spread Timer

Version 102k
Added back SCORE: in DM and LMS
Added Rank/Spread refreshing

Version 102j
Fixed CTF4 game captures and returns
Fixed CTF4 multi flag displays
Fixed MultiCTF captures and returns
Added Autoscaling to Menus
Adjusted Rank/Spread displays
Adjusted Powerups display

Version 102i
Added bDisableTimers for all top and bot timers.
Added Gamename 'No Timers' detection.
Added accuracy per weapon on duel and personal scoreboards.
Duel scoreboard now available for any game with only 2 players.
Fixed logon welcome message color.

Version 102h
Critical change to see a Duelgame correctly.

Version 102g
Added Bots weapon stats.
Added ElapsedTime for TimeLimit=0.
Added duelgame (maxplayers=2) scoreboard.
Removed Rank/Spread from SSB altogether.

Version 102f
Continuation from 102b.
Added Boots to top Hud Timer.
Added top boots option in menu.
Removed Rank/Spread from team games.
Added local time to small hud time.
Removed many access nones in 469.
Removed bSwitchPlayerToSpec.

Version 102d and 102e

Version 102c
Major code changes but was a failure and dumped.
Fixed Header display when server is empty.
Added startup timer option SSBStarUpTimer.
Added serverside bDisableAirKills and in Menu.

Version 102b
Made more changes to multi kill traps.
Added bUseMultiKillTrap (default True).

Version 102a
Added custom Player Join/Leave sounds.
Remade all MultiKillMessages.
Added HUD trap for UT Multikill displays.
Added test for Nexgen.
Added Accuracy for Instagib games.

Configuration Guide

Server Side Configurations

Add the country flags package you wish to use here.
Currently available are: CountryFlags2, CountryFlags3, CountryFlags33.

Add your country here which will show on a LAN Server or offline Bot game.
For instance South Africa is: CountryFlags33.ZA

The name of your Country.

Some Servers prefer to use another mod for the CTF scoreboard.
In that case set this to False.

If your server has the game MonsterHunt and uses another
mods scoreboard, set this False.

Enables/Disables SmartSB HUDs and 'F2' ServerInfo.

If you do not want spawnkills to be used as part of a players
multiskill count the set this to False.

The CTF scoreboards switch between Score+Stats and Frags+Stats.
If you wish to disable this set it to False.

This is the time in seconds that the above Frag/Score switching takes.

The delay time in seconds before the Announcer says "Flawless Victory".

If set to True and a player gets disconnected from a Server and reconnects within
a set period, all his score, frags and stats will be restored to that player.

When true and a player plays like in Godmode, the players gets a message:
"This is just TOO EASY for "Playername.

When set to true there will be several extra displays in the log file.

When False, the SmartSB logon logo will be disabled.

When set to True, the Bots will not be counted in the Stats table.

SmartSB can display spectators in the scoreboard.
Setting this to False will disable that feature.

Setting this to False will disable all killing verbal announcements.

This basically changes the way in which a flag assist works and is best left True
The time in seconds between spawning for a kill to be counted when playing in an arena.

Same as above but without an arena,

The scantime in milliseconds that the scoreboard is refreshed.
This is best left at 5.

The time in seconds before the logon message appears at the top left.

Switches Long Range messages on off.

Switches "spawnkilling lamer" messages on off.

Switches various "people covering your FC" messages on off.

Switches "You get X bonus pts for the Assist!" messages on off.

Switches the Announcers count down on off.

Flag Capured bonus.

Flag Carrier Assis bonus.

Bonus for killing the flag carrier.

Bonus for covering the flag carrier.

Bonus for taking the enemy flag.

Minimum Bonus for capturing the flag.

Bonus for returning your flag to base.

Bonus for returning your flag to base from midway.

Bonus for returning your flag to base from enemy base.


Bonus for saving your flag.

GameInfo[0]=(bEnabled=True,GameNames="Tournament DeathMatch,DeathMatch",Color="R=0,G=128,B=255")
This displays what color the Admin requires each game Heading to have.
Whatever game name is placed in the GameNames= separated with a comma,
the color in Color= will be used for that game in the scoreboard.

This is set in the Menu and represents which row (0-9) is selected.
SSBIcons[0]=(Top1Icon="" etc,
Thes icons are the 3 icons representing players that come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a game.
The icon that is displayed if a player dies.
RedTeamIcon= etc,
These are the icons that show in the Headers of the Teams.

This represents which SSBHeader[] is used and is set in the Menu.
Whether the header background should be transparent.
RedHeader="" etc,
The icon texture used for the header.
RedHeading="Red Team" etc,
The text name for each of the Teams.
RedHeadingColor=(R=255,G=0,B=0,A=255) etc,
The color of the text heading.

This section is if the Admin wants some reality from the Bots.
bDisableBotInfo=False If set to True, the Bots will all just be ordinary Bots.
BotInfo[0]=(bUse=True,CountryFlag="CountryFlags33.NZ",CountryName="NEW ZEALAND",Ping=70)
bUse=True if this row is usable.
CountryFlag= is the packages used, default is CountryFlags33.
CountryName= is the name of the country the Bot comes from.
Ping= is the ping given to the Bot, if 0 a random ping will be chosen.
Up to 32 Bots can be used.

Client Side Configurations

These configurations are all available in the client Menu.

bShowLighterBack (New in 101j)
This is a option for the scoreboard back ground shading to be lighter.

Use all the Mini scoreboard stats or only 1.

Show the scoreboards transparent.

Show all player inline in DeathMatch.

Show the Tickrate at the bottom of the screen.

Show the crosshair when viewing the scoreboard.

Hear all killing sounds.

Hear all CTF related sounds.
Hear other game sounds from SmartSB.

Add a devider in the scoreboards to seperate players.

Adjustment to move scoreboard up and down the screen.

Shows the Score/Rank/Spread in the Hud.

Shows the teime left below the top health monitor.

Shows the the new Hud powerup display option.
Disabled, Show and Hide.
With the Hide option, the graphic will only appear when its active.

Change the font sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

This is used internally and should not be adjusted.


CTF and other sounds
"Use CTF Game Sounds" is checked in the menu.

1. If you capture a flag then you get the "Captured" sound.
2. If you have saved the flag near the enemy base and the enemy flag is in its base you get a "Nice catch" sound.
    The sound "Nice Catch" will now also be played if you pickup the enemy flag after its been dropped at 1.5 meters or higher.
3. If your team has 1 more flag capture than the other team you get "Taken the Lead" sound.
4. If the other team has 1 more flag capture than your team you get "Lost the Lead" sound.
5. Shoot someone in the head you get "Head Shot" sound.
6. Have 5 kills without dying you get "Head Hunter" sound.
7. You shoot someone 2 jumps high or more in the air, you get "Ownage" sound.
8. You pickup the flag after another team member drops it in your half of the map you get a "Assist" sound.
    The sound "Assist" will now also be played if you pickup the enemy flag after its been dropped.

Multikill sounds
"Use Multi Kill Game Sounds" is checked in the menu

2 kills = "Double Kill"
3 kills = "Triple Kill"
4 kills = "Multi Kill"
5 kills = "Mega Kill"
6 kills = "Ultra Kill"
7 kills = "Monster Kill"
8 kills = "Ludicrous Kill"
9,10 kills = "HolyShit"
11+ kills = "WhickedSick"

Other sounds
"Use Other Game Sounds" is checked in the menu

1. You win the game in DM with no Deaths you get "Flawless Victory" sound.
2. You come last in a DM game with less than 8 players you get "Last Place" sound.
3. You come last in a DM game with more than 8 or more players you get "Humiliating Defeat" sound.

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