Adds several cool Scoreboards
Version 1.0.1e

Download SmartSB 101e


Add SmartSB101e.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Open your Server.ini file and add under:


Add to the command line: ?Mutators=SmartSB101e.SmartSB

Changes and Fixes in SmartSB Beta

Added 4 Team TDM and CTF Scoreboards
This is a big step and is added for all 4 team games.
SmartSB auto recognizes CTF4 and MultiCTF games and auto switches to 4 team scoreboards.
To play with 4 team TDM games (not CTF) a setting in the UnrealTournament.ini file needs to be set.

Changed logon Logo
Due to the name change, we felt a new logo was also needed.
The logo now senses different resolutions and sets itself accordingly.

Mini Scoreboards
Mini scoreboards have now been added to all games, DM, TDM, CTF and all 4 team games.
The CTF Mini scoreboards having up to 10 different stats which now switch 5 by 5 so no resolution looses any information.

Rank adjustments
Rank badges are now applied to all scoreboards, Full, Alt and Mini.

Scoreboard Indicator
This has also been updated in the upper right of the screen to show which scoreboard is currently in use.
A dark shading has also been added for better clarity.

Attention to 1024x768 and 800x600
Special attention has been paid to these 2 old resolutions for the many players still using these modes.
1024x768 now have all the stats in their Mini scoreboards that are normally only seen in 1920x1080.
This is done via a switching operation that switch 5 stats every 6 seconds or so.

Updated for Patch 469
The complete mod has been completely re-scaled to suite the new patch 469.
The scoreboards do look much nicer in 469 than previous so do update asap.

Sounds Added
Several new sounds have been added to most games, namely:
1. Double Kill.
2. Triple Kill.
3. Multi Kill.
4. Mega Kill.
5. Altra Kill.
6. Monster Kill.
7. Ludicious Kill.
8. Holy Shit.
9. Wicked Sick.
10. Headshot.
11. Head Hunter.
12. Flawless Victory.
13. Last Place. (4 to 6 players)
14. Humiliating Defeat. (7+ players)

Menu Sound Options
There are now 2 Sound options in the menu.
1. MultiKill Sounds
2. CTFGame Sounds
These sounds always used to be serverside and handled by the admin.
These have now been transfered to clientside for each player to select.

Air Kill
When a player kills another player while in the air.
This happens at approx the peak of a double jump.
It is available as a stat in all mini scoreboards.

Scoreboard adjustment
This has been added for each player which can be found in the Settings menu in the form of a Slider.
This will move the scoreboard up or down to where the player wants it.
This was added for the various amounts of text available at the top right.

Help Menu
The Help menu has been well updated to reflect all the abbreviations used in SmartSB.
SmartSB will detect if the player is using patch 469 and add a extra Font button.
This is to change the font size if the new GUIScale option has been changed in the UT Menu.

F3 Toggling
The F3 key now toggles the scoreboards, Full / Alt / Mini / Standard.
Which ever is last used is where it will be saved as default.
NB: The 4 Team scoreboards only toggle between Mini4 and Standard.

Fixed Items
Twice repeated kill broadcasts.
As many Access Nones as possible.
Fixed badges in DM mini SB.
Fixed DM tie and sound problem.