SmartSB Betas

Version v110e
Removed test indicator options.
Added additional sorting for Top20/100.

Version v110d
Added NegenHUD detection if no UTChat.
Added Buggies RestoreNexgenHUD.
if useNexgenHUD=True in Nexgen.ini.
Added 3 Indicator options: UseIndicatorFormula=1 (default) Rescalled Top20, Last10 and winner flag icons.

Version v110c
Remove Nickname character cleanup.

Version v110b
Made Beacons in Team games only.
Enabled Top20 etc for spectators.
Removed \ | , ! characters from nicks.

Version v110a
Set all mipmapping Off for low detail.
Added bold option for beacon text.
Remake beacon class to universal.

Version v109k
Fixed huds for local botmatch + relics.
Fixed 1st position in Top100.
Fixed Top20 indicators (hopefully).
Added Indicator reset in Admin window.

Version v109j
Added if game Winner leaves the Players flag will be blank.
Added fixed scoreboard option for Admin in Menu.
Fixed Top10 listing on F2.

Version v109i
Fixed lagging huds in 109g and 109h.

Version v109h (laggy)
Fixed F2 Player stats.
Fixed a zillion accessed nones in local log.
Added greater Fnn compatibility.

Version v109g (laggy)
Fixed player beacons team mates only.
Fixed top100 spaces in display.
Set bUseBotKillsInStats=True as default.
Added Frags/Score switch in Top100.
Fixed Team icon alignment again.
Re-enabled game end stats on scoreboard.
Fixed flag timeout timers.
Fixed Tournament ready flags if fnn.

Version v109f
Fixed Top100 scores in DM and TDM.
Removed UT Beacons when Player beacons selected.
Fixed Accessed Nones in Hud.
Added bEnablePointer for beacons.

Version v109e
Fixed UT beacons stand alone.
Fixed many accessed nones and out of bounds.

Version v109d
Added bEnableUTBeacons.
Combined bTeamMatesOnly option for UT and Player Beacons.
Add player stats for spectators, DM and Team, option in menu.
Re-aligned all rightside team icons according to Hud scales.
Reduced 500 list to 300.
Added Top100 list to view use !ssb100.

Version v109c
Removed bSniperZoomInfo to enable UT name/health.
Added TraceTarget for beacons.

Version v109b
Fixed a zillion accessed nones in client UT.log.