Server Color

UnrealTournament 2004

(c) ProAsm - 2006
Version 1.8

Download ServerColor


ServerColor is a dedicated Editor and includes a comprehensive color chart for editing the ini files that contain Servernames.
It works on all files, all servernames, vanilla servers, and all voting systems.
It will generate a file: ServerColor.u which you will need to add to your server.
It will now also generate a ServerColor.ucl.
In the Server.ini file add:

You can create your own Global ServerName, color it and it will get saved in the ServerColor.ini which will be read by ServerColor.
There is also an option to view the Servername in the selected colors.
Just unzip to your UT2004 System folder and use it from there.

Here is a step by step description on how to setup a coloed Servername for your Server.
Lets say your servername is Joes CFT Server and you want each word a different color,
say Red, Green, Blue.

1. Start it up
2. Click on the GS (Global Servername) button.
3. Type in a servername: Joes CFT Server
4. Bring down the color box and click on a Red square.
    Now with the mouse place the cursor directly in front of the J for Joes.
    Now click the Color select button (the one with the colors on it)
    This will place the code into the Servername directly in front of the J.
5. Again bring down the color box and click on Green.
    Place the cursor directly in front of the C for CTF.
    Click on the Color select button.
6. Do the same for the S for Server.
    Now click on the Save button.
    Click on the Test button to see that its the right colors.
7. Next click on the U button at the top right which will generate a ServerColor.u and ServerColor.ucl
8. There should now be 3 files in your system folder:

In the Server.ini file add:

Now when you look at your server from the UT2004 Browser it will be in color.
Joes CTF Server.

The same can be achieved for different servernames using UT2Vote GameType Servernames as well.
Start ServerColors and load in the UT2Vote55.ini file into the Editor.
Go down to the GameTypes and do the same for each GameType Servername using the above technique.
When you are done, save the UT2Vote55.ini file, generate the .u file, add the above and start your server.