Team Captains
UnrealTournament 2004

(c) ProAsm - 2007/9
Design by CVRoy

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Team Captains has now been updated for AntiTCC 2009 compatibility.

Team Captains allows players to to choose their own Team if they are selected to be a Team Captain.
At game end, the 2 players with the highest score will be selected as the 2 Team Captains.
Each Captain will now be given a turn to select a player for his/her Team.
On the next level, the Teams will be as they were chosen.
There are however several options to make the game more interesting.

Menu Access
To bring up the TeamCaptains Menu if necessary, bring down the console and type:
Mutate TeamCaptains
This however is bound to your Numpad- (minus) key by default but can be changed to whatever the user pleases in the Menu by selecting the KeyBind button.


Just unzip TeamCaptains to your servers System folder and add the command:


NB: It is important to set your BalanceTeams to False as TeamCaptains requires
        this as it will decide when BalanceTeams needs to be true or false.

Admin Configs

Admin Access
All the following settings are available in game for the Admin.
Admin access is by adding the TcapsAdminPass to the Menu command:
Mutate TeamCaptains password
A Configurations button will now be available for the Admin

This will allow TeamCaptains to search for the presence of UT2Vote55 and above and if found, request it not to auto popup its menu at game end so as to allow TeamCaptains to do its Team Selection.
Once TeamCaptains has completed its Team selection, a request will be sent to UT2Vote to popup its menu.

This will do exactly as above but for the internal Mapvote.

This will allow TeamCaptains to control the balance of human players on the server.
If set to False, the UT2004 will balance the players.

If set to True then at game end, the Captains for each Team will be chosen randonly from the players.
This is handy when a few players always command this spot and then all players get a chance to be a Captain.

If set to True then TeamCaptains will automatically take over the Team Player selections.
Teams are automatically chosen from the highest to the lowest scored players.

Please Note:
In the case where RandomCaptain=True and AutoSelection=True, then the auto selctions will also be done on a Random basis, making the game quite interesting.

EscapeOptions= (Only effective at Game end)
This was neccessary to add because if a Player presses escape at game end and decides to vote for a map etc, it could ruin the whole game and bypass the Team Selections.
It was thus necessary to give the admin a few options on how to treat this situation depending on the type of players on the server.
Here no options are imposed and the Escape key works as normal.
EscapeOptions=1 (default)
In this case when the player presses Escape a message will popup informing the player what he/she is doing.
The message will offer the player the option of continuing with the Escape route or returning back to TeamCaptains.
EscapeOptions=2 (recommended)
The Escape key is now attached to TeamCaptains and no matter what the player does the Team Captains Menu will popup.
The Escape key does not work at all - period.

NB: As mentioned above, the Escape key options are only effective at game end, otherwise it works as normal.

This is the time set for each Captain to decide and make his/her choice (per player).
If the time runs out, TeamCaptains will make the choice for him/her.

This is the maximum time that the game waits for both the Team Selections and Map Voting to take place.
It basically replaces the VoteTimeLimit in Mapvote or VoteMaxTime in UT2Vote.
This setting is normally 2 to 3 times as long as what you have VoteTimeLimit or VoteMaxTime currently set at.

The number of players the game needs before TeamCaptains will kick in.