Release Version 2.2

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UT2Monitor is a Favourites Multiplayer Server Monitor giving many options:

Version 2.2.

  • Update some items for Patch 2166.
  • Updated compatibility for ServQuery 107

  • Protect your CD-Key with encryption options.
  • Add or subtract up to 20 favourite UT servers.
  • Join the game with a choice up to 48 standard skin characters.
  • Join the game with a choice up to 10 configurable Nicknames.
  • Join the game with a Team Color of your choice.
  • If the game is Password protected, select your Password here.
  • Join the game as a Spectator or Player.
  • Start a Instant Action game and select a map.
  • Start a Instant Action with Botskill and numbers.
  • Start a Multiplay Game and select options.
  • Select optional Disconnection Time
  • Auto ISP ping for connection stability.
  • Select a Date and Time to disconnect you from your ISP.
  • Option to Shutdown your PC after disconnection.
  • Select an optional User.ini file
  • Use a grid option for better clarity.
  • Scan a selected or all servers.
  • Set optional selected server autoscan.
  • Pings are calculated to the game and not the server.
  • Right clicking on a server gives more options.
  • Selected Server timed autoscan option.

    Optional Disconnection.
  • Set Date and Time for Auto Online disconnection.
  • Set whether UT2Monitor pings ISP for stay alive purposes
  • Set optional PC Shutdown after disconnection

    Displays with ServQuery.
    ServQuery (by 'El Muerte') is a Serverside Only addition for UT2003 servers which
    will greatly enhance the query information sent to clients such as UT2Monitor.

    The extra options would be:
  • Team sizes and Team Score.
  • Player Character, Gamespeed, Servermode, Gamestats, Goalscore, TimeLimit.
  • Minplayers, Translocator, Mutators used and many more other options.
  • View what Spectators are on the server.

    UT2Monitor takes advantage of many of these options, so get your Admin to
    add ServQuery to his/her UT2003 Server.
    A copy of ServQuery version 107 can be found in the UT2Monitor folder.