Fixes and Changes in 5.9

Ghost Maps
Fixed the Ghost maps found in the clients menus.

Fixes and Changes in 5.8

Unban Player
Fixed the Unban Player bug in the Kick Menu.

Counter overlap.
Fixed where the UT2Vote image was overlapping the counter.

Unban Button.
Fixed the unban button changing incorrectly in the banlist.

Console Commands.
Fixed the console commands to be more compatible with AntiTcc 2009.

Silent SpecSpy.
Added Silent SpecSpy for the Admin.
Basically if the spectator is an Admin, the player will not be told he is being watched.

Ban Players.
Added the option for a Semi Admin to ban players.
Please not this is an addition to the ini file and needs to be added as follows:

Pause Game.
Added so a Semi Admin can now Pause / Unpause a game.