UnrealTournament 2003

Release Version 5

Download UT2VoteSim5

A simple map only Voting Mutator for all UT2003 games.

Changed in 5.0
Added a UT2VoteSim5.ini file with the GameTypes that can be used.
For any new game type just add the correct parameters and UT2VoteSim5 should work.
There are also settings for:
If set to True then the MapMenu will not auto popup.
If set to True, then the games MapList will be used instead of the maps in the Maps folder.

Change in 4.0
Fixed maplist bug, reduced Maplist down to 255 maps.

Whats it offers
UT2VoteSim5 is a voting mutator for all UT2003 game.
When the game ends, the Map Menu will popup on everyones screens and the players
can then choose a Map to vote for.
Once someone has voted for a map, another window will popup requesting a YES or NO vote.
If there are more YES votes the map will be selected for the next game.


Setting this to True will disable the menu popup.

Setting this to True will enable the use of the games default MapList.

To callup the Map Menu should you need it, use:
Mutate UT2VoteMenu
UT2VoteS will attempt to bind this to your ScrollLock key

Just unzip the files to the UT2003\System folder on your Server.
Add the Mutator to your Serverpackages (Serverside only)


Remember to remove any previous versions if you had any.

Restart your Server and logon via WebAdmin.
Select the Mutator - UT2VoteSim5 and a restart the level.

If you wish to add it to your commandline:

You can also start it from within the game.
Logon as ServerAdmin and enter this string in your console:
Admin ServerTravel DM-Antalus?Game=xGame.xDeathMatch?Mutator=UT2VoteSim5.UT2Vote

I have kept this voting mutator simple and is basically designed to serve a voting purpose.

Map Voting Selections