UnrealTournament 2004

Release Version 3.6

Download GameMake3

GameMake3 will produce any game of your choice for UT2Vote42+

Updated to v3.5 for UT2Vote53+

GameMake3 Functions

  • Create your own GameClass.
  • Have your own game names.
  • Display your title in the ScoreBoard.
  • Ready made Game strings for UT2Vote.
  • Produces the necessary YourGame.u, YourGame.ucl and YourGame.int files.
  • ServerInfo so games will be seen in the UT2004 Server Browser

    New in 3.6
  • Added Options in File List Menu for Uscript extraction.

    New in 3.5
  • Complete new look with several new features.
  • Several new options updated in gamestring.
  • View the UT2004\System folder .u files.
  • Remove UScript from any mod or mutator.
  • Remove Textures from any mod or mutator.
  • Remove Sounds from any mod or mutator.