Adds a Chat HUD to all games.

Version 1.6f

Download UTChat16f


Add UTChat16f.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Open your Server.ini file and add under:


Add to the command line:
This needs to be the last mutator in the command line.

Changes and Fixes in UTChat

Fixed black text color at startup.

Added * prefix to player in menu if muted.

Changed ^?^ to optional symbols.
Changed to 1 serveradds color.
Added Player and Bot message mute.

Added 10 sec timers to :? and ?!
Removed many access nones in 469.
Added ^?^whatever color for ServerAdds.

Added private messaging window.
Private message 100 save option.
Removed configs from chat windows.
Added Config Tab for all configs.
Fixed !Cmds not being passed.
Added 8 new banner emojis.
Adjust emoji position to size.
Added Admin options to disable emojis.
Added Admin options to disable private messages.
Fixed other lines text length.
Added help labels in Configs.
Added banner names to display.
Re-aligned logon logo.
Removed banners and emojis if bNoEmoticons.

Emojis no longer case sensitive.
Add DM/LMS Player single color option.
Reduced Smallfont vertical emoji size.
Spaced lines for better emoji display.
Added option for number of chat lines.
Added option for number of other lines.
Added logo image with option.
Added Transparent option.
Added Chatlog Keybind.
Added UTBots compatibility option.
Fixed Spectator using !chat.

Small improvements on utchats disable.
Added several new emojis.
Set SmallFonts as default.
Fixed Spectator message double names.
Added Spectator message text always silver.
Added logon intro.

Fixed original hud for newnet and nexgen.
Reduced chatbox border thickness.
Added enable client emojis in menu.
Added use client smaller fonts in menu.
Added client chatlog save in menu.
Added enable client chat in menu.
Added spectator mutate for menu.



bUseUTChat (Default True) Also in Menu.
Enables/Disables UTChats on the client.

bUseEmojis (Default True) Also in Menu.
Enables/Disables Emojis on the client.

bSmallFont (Default False) Also in Menu.
Enables a smaller font for the chats.

bStdColor (Default False) Also in Menu.
If set to True, all players in DM and LMS names will be Silver.

bTransparent (Default False) Also in Menu.
If set to True, the ChatBox will be invisible.

bBotsInChat (Default False) Also in Menu.
This will allow Bot chats in the Chatbox on a Server.
From UTChat14 all UTBots will now be in the Chatbox.

ChatLines (Default 4) Also in Menu.
This sets the number of text lines in the ChatBox.

OtherLines (Default 6) Also in Menu.
This sets the number of text lines outside the ChatBox.


bShowChatMessages (Default True) Also in Menu.
Setting this to False will disable the Mutator.

This the admin can configure and is the color of the text in the top chat box.

This the all the text below the chatbox.

The configuration .ini file also holds the last 200 chat lines by the players.
This can be viewed in a window by typing in the console:

Mutate UTChat ShowChatLog
or !Chat as a chat message.

If logged in as an Admin, a Clear Chat Log option will be available to clear all chats.

If the last 2 characters in a chat line are for instance :) then an emoji will appear in its place.

Current emojis
If :? is in the Say then a list of abbreviations will be shown as follows.