UnrealTournament 2003

(c) Copyright ProAsm - 2003
Release Version 3.2

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Idea and Credits to  FU of  NewbieServer

Zound will say triggered words from the players chat line.

Zound is now a fully standalone mod and no longer requires a special version for each server.

Update in 3.2
If this is set to False, Zound will not be displayed at game startup and also the hello and byebye triggers will be disabled.

Update in 3.1
There are now 2 sound files you can use and the word list has been split.
SoundFileName1 = Sounds[0] to Sounds[99]
SoundFileName2 = Sounds[100] to Sounds[199]
This was to reduce the heavy download should you wish to modify sounds.
Basically make SoundFileName1 a permananent file and mess with SoundFileName2

How it works
Zound comes with a built in time check now and just by pressing the T for message and typing time? Zound will now say the time normal am / pm format.

Setting it all up
Zound is a Mutator so it will need to be added to your server commandline:

Zound also needs to be added to your UT2003.ini file Serverpackages

Zound comes with 2 defined words which will greet the player when he logs on and bid him farewell when he leaves the game.
These sounds need to be called hello and byebye

ServerPackages Needed
- if used
ServerPackages=YourSoundFileName2 - if used

Setting up the ini file
Zound comes with an ini file which can hold up to 200 custom words defined by the User.
There are also other options which will now be discussed here.


Sounds[0]=  up to  Sounds[199]=

Here you enter the sound names you recorded or added in your 2 .UAX files. (see update above)
These are the triggers which Zound will look for when a player types a message.

Random Sounds
If you wish to add more than one sound for the same word, Zound will Randomize them when triggered.
Lets say you have 3 sounds for the Trigger word cool
Now in the Zound32.ini file in the ZTrigger section add the @ sign after the word followed by the number of sounds you have for that word:
Now in the ini file you only put the word once as shown above.
But in your .UAX file you make 3 sounds and call them:
Please note the first word has no number following it.

Trigger List
Any Player can view the Trigger words in his Console by typing the command:
Mutate Zounds



Once you have made up your sound files and saved it in a .UAX format, whatever you called those sound files, their names need to go in here so that Zound knows what file to load.
NB... Should you create a .uax sound file with trigger words, then the name of this sound file also needs to go in the UT2003.ini file as a ServerPackages=
Note: Zound will still say the time, regardless whether you make a sound file or not.

If this is set to False, then all sounds will be disabled.
The ServerAdmin can also switch this On/Off from the game with a Mutate command:
Mutate Zound Off   and   Mutate Zound On

This is the delay time in which sounds can be activated and should not be less than 5.

Depending on the speed of your server, this is the delay time in which it takes for a Player to login and receive his/her greeting message if available.

When set to True, then the trigger word needs to be only that word and not part of a sentence.
If however it is set to False, the sound will trigger if that word is anywhere in the message.

This is the Total number of sounds any one player can trigger during a game.
If set to 0 (zero) then the number is unlimited.

This was introduced to reduce spamming of the various sounds and works as follows:
Lets say you set DelaysEach=10
When a Player triggers a sound, he will have to wait 10 seconds before he can trigger again (1 x 10)
Once he has triggered 2 sounds he will now have to wait 20 seconds to trigger again (2 x 10)
After the 3rd trigger he will have to wait 30 seconds before he can trigger again (3 x 10)
And so the more he triggers a sound the longer he has to wait in between each trigger.

If this is set to False then the trigger words that a player types will not be displayed to the other players.