UnrealTournament 2004

(c) Copyright ProAsm - 2006
Release Version 5.5

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Special thanks to:
 FU for the original idea.
Frogger and AssRaker
for their dedication to this project.
The UT2Vote Team

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Zound will say triggered words from the players chat line.


As of version 5.4 Zound has taken on a whole new look and several changes in the way it works and how it presents itself to Admins and Players.
New menus giving Keybind options, muted and favorite triggernames.
Zound has its Menu Keybind defaulted to the End Key but this can be changed to any other key in the menu.

Changes in 5.5
Detailed Options
Player Options
Setting Triggers

Updates in 5.5

  • Update for AntiTCC 2009 compatibility.

    Updates in 5.4

  • Corrected all ShowTrigger and Hidden logic.
  • New menu driven for both Client and Admin.
  • Volume settings for each Player.
  • Optional keybind settings for players.
  • Options for client to disable Zound.
  • Buffered Sound is now permanent.
  • Personal muted trigger words for each player.
  • Better defined Trigger format for Admins.
  • Added a non repeating Logon message.
  • Added player defined Muted trigger words.
  • Added option to mute a player.

  • Installation

    For normal operations just add Zound as a normal Mutator:
    ?Mutator=Zoundxx.Zound where xx is the current version number.

    It is also necessary to add it to your Servers ini file as follows:
    - again xx is the current version number.

    Upgrading to 5.4

    Should you be upgrading from either 50, 51, 52 or 53 to 54 or 55 then it is advisable for you to use ZConvert54.exe as it will convert all your neccessary ini settings for version 5.4
    As Zound stands with no additional Sound files any player can still ask the time by just pressing T for messages and types ?time and the current time will be announced.
    For more Sounds to be triggered a Whatever.uax file needs to be created and added to the Sound folder as well as in the ServerPackages=
    Go here to see the file: Zound Tutorial

    Note: Zound will still say the time, regardless whether you make a sound file or not.

    Detailed Options


    Set a password here to allow you in as a Zound Admin.
    Mutate ZoundLogin password
    Calling it a second time will log you out.

    If this is set to False, then all sounds will be disabled regardless of Client settings.

    When set to True the all trigger words will be displayed in everyones chat regardless.
    Only AdminOnly=True will still be preserved.
    If this is set to False then all Dedicated single trigger words will be hidden from other players.
    NB... ShowTrigger does NOT effect words in the middle of a sentence as they will always be shown.

    If ShowTrigger=False above and this is set to True then the player actually typing the trigger word will still see it in his/her own chat for clarification, but it will still be hidden from all other players.

    This will enable Zound to utilize the PlayerEnter and PlayerExit triggers which announce the entrance or exiting of a Player.
    Its up to the Admin to create a sound for this as long as the Trigger word is PlayerEnter or PlayerExit.

    If bAnnounce=True then this option will only welcome the player PlayerEnter when he joins the server and not on every level thereafter as it currently does.
    Once he leaves the server, his ID will be removed.

    If set to True, When triggered Spectators can only hear Spectators and Players can only hear Players.

    When the ?time trigger word is used, the time will be announce is a 24 hour format.

    If set to True, then Zound will be available during the game.
    If set to False, then sounds will only be available, before the game starts and at game end.

    This will write a daily chatlog in the form of ZoundChat01.log up to ZoundChat31.log
    2005/08/28 - 14:07:54 - ProAsm : This is a test message

    This is a basic chat filter and uses a stuct format. [Zoundxx.ZoundFilter] Filter=(CensorWord="****",BadWords="badword1,badword2,badword3,badword10,")
    The CensorWord can be whatever the Admin would like to use to replace the BadWords.
    The number of BadWords per Filter= can be 50 although practically only
    around 10 words should be used per Filter.

    When the Admin is in the Menu and the Use Defined Player List is checked or UsePlayerList=True in the ini file, then by double clicking on and of the Player Nicknames, the Admin will Add or Remove a player from the PlayerList.
    Using the PlayerList, UsePlayerList=True, then ONLY the players in that PlayerList will have access to Zound.
    Other players will be normal as if Zound does not exist except they will have the time? option.

    PlayerBan List
    Any player who is in this list will not have Zound available to him and will not be able to get the Menu either or send any commands.
    He will however have the ?time option.
    To Add/Remove players from the PlayerBanList, UsePlayerList=False must be the case, or the Use Defined Player List in the Menu must be unchecked.

    This is the delay time in seconds in which sounds can be activated and should not be less than 5.

    Depending on the speed of your server, this is the delay time in seconds in which it takes for a Player to login and receive his/her greeting message if available.

    This is the Total number of sounds any one player can trigger during a game.
    If set to 0 (zero) then the number is unlimited.

    This was introduced to reduce spamming of the various sounds and works as follows:
    Lets say you set DelaysEach=10
    When a Player triggers a sound, he will have to wait 10 seconds before he can trigger again (1 x 10)
    Once he has triggered 2 sounds he will now have to wait 20 seconds to trigger again (2 x 10)
    After the 3rd trigger he will have to wait 30 seconds before he can trigger again (3 x 10)
    And so the more he triggers a sound the longer he has to wait in between each trigger.

    Can be from 0 to 600 (seconds) and is the time in which a trigger cannot be repeated.

    Clientside Player Options

    This section has been very much beefed up in 5.4
    The Player now has a menu where he/she can do the following:
    Each player now have their individual volume setting for Zound in the form of a slider.
    The default Keybind for Zound is now on the End Key but can be changed to whatever the player wants in the Menu.
    The player can disable his/her Zound here now on a permanent basis, and will work on all Zound54 and above servers.
    Trigger Muting
    In the Menu there is now a dropdown box with an Add, Sub and Save buttons for adding any trigger words that the players wishes not to hear.
    This is a common set of words and will effect all servers that use Zound54 and above.

    It should be noted that all these client options will be saved in a file called ZoundClient in the players System folder.

    Setting up the Triggers



    Here you enter the sound names and information you recorded or added in your .UAX files.


    This is the actual name of the .wav sound you have in the .uax file.
    This can be the same as the SoundName but gives the option of having several TriggerNames with the same SoundName.
    If set to True the the trigger word will not be available in mid sentence and can only be used in a single word format.
    If set to True then Players will not see this trigger word in the menu when they display all the triggers.
    If set to True only the Admin will be able to trigger this word.
    If you wish to add more than one sound for the same word, Zound will Randomize them when triggered.
    Lets say you have 3 sounds for the trigger word cool
    Now in the Zoundxx.ini file in the [ZoundTrigger] section set the Random= followed by the number of sounds you have for that word, in this case 3
    Now in the ini file you only put the trigger word once as shown above.
    But in your .UAX file you make 3 wav sounds and call them:
    cool - cool2 and cool3
    Please note the first word has no number following it.
    This is the actual filename of your .uax sound file in the Sounds folder.