Zound Utilities


This utility will convert any Zound 50, 51, 52 or 53 to suit the new setup in Zound54 and create you a whole new Zound54.ini file.

Download ZConvert54


This is a utility that will extract the Soundnames out of any .uax file and place all the relavent strings in a file prefixed with Z_
This is very handy for sound files that you have forgotten what inside, or files retrieved off other servers :)
As from 2.0 ZExtract can now do as many .uax sound files as you want by just doing one after the other and selecting 'Add to Current File' which will become visible on the second call.
There are now options to sort the list alphabetically as well as looking for duplicate sounds names.
These duplicates will be added at the end for your inspections.

Download ZExtract