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Changes and fixes to MapVoteX

MapVoteX will no longer be released as betas.

Changes to 111 and 112
Fixed MIPS=Off on logo.
Added total mapnum to menu title.
Added logo during game vote.
Removed fullsize GameList in Vote window.
Fixed left side title not bold.
Fixed map/game search text not showing.
Changed required games to 20 for full size.
Removed Refresh and Vote Status buttons.
Added auto map update in map window.
Increased Games to 200.
Revamped Vote window.
Fixed several Accessed Nones.
Tidy up Mutator, Settings and packages when remarked out.
Removed warning messages if first char = !
Added in CustomGames bNoRandomGame.
Added switch to default map if no votes in CoopGame.
Increased maps to 1000.

Changes to 110
Added splash logo at logon during game also.
Added bAllowSplashInGame for splashlogo in game.
Added Display for number of maps loaded.
Added Admin Tickrate slider in Menu.
Fixed bEmptyServerRandomMap if current map is default map.
Fixed Splash zoom during game.

Changes to 109
Added adjusting emptyserverlevelswitch for a minimum of 3 minutes.
Added back to original bEmptyServerSwitch for empty server switch.
            bEmptyServerSwitchMap to switch to default map on current game.
            bEmptyServerRandomMap switches to random maps on current game.
Added !AddBots which adds 2 bots at a time.
Added If Admin then all !Add and !Kill works immediatley.
Added !MaxBots for add Bots between Maxplayers-Minplayers-NumBots.

Changes to 108
Fixed default map/game switching.
Added bClearAllPackageActors to clear packages before writing.
Added Mutate MapvoteX ClearPackages.

Changes to 107d
Added if 1 map, end game says reloading if bNoEndGameVoting=True.
Added if only 1 player then !KillBots and !AddBot works ok.
Added !KillBot to only kill one Bot.
Removed bEnableEmptyServerSwitch.
Added bEmptyServerSwitchMap to replace above for default map.
Added bEmptyServerRandomMap to add to bEmptyServerSwitchMap.

Changes to 107c
Added LoadedMapNum if 1 then auto restart.
Added !KillBots message only if MinPlayers > 2.
Added !AddBot vote for 2 players.
Extended !KillBots and !AddBot vote time to 60 seconds.
Added kill logo if game starts

Changes to 107b
Fixed random map selected as topmap.
Added horizontal scrollbars to top games and maps.

Changes to 107a
Fixed FragLimit and GoalTeamScore in Settings
Removed Maintenance mode stuff
Added NoEndGameVotingDelay for bNoEndGameVoting
Added Reset Server Button in Admin menu
Added Message if !v when bNoEndGameVoting = True
Added Player to Spectator if idle
Added bUseSendToSpec and IdleKickTime for above
Added Admin option for Idler to Spectator in menu
Added Admin option for bNoEndGameVoting in current game
Added 30 Top Games and 100 Top Maps for information
Added Display for Top stuff with 1/2 delete buttons for Admin
Added Remove Bots button to Vote Menu
Added logon !KillBots message
Fixed Random map votes

Changes and fixes in 106

Changes to 106z
Added NoEndGameVotingDelay for bNoEndGameVoting

Changes to 106y
Removed auto menu scaling
Fixed bNoEndGameVoting

Changes to 106x
Added bEndGameVoting to CustomGames Settings
Added horiz scrollbar to messages
Added Autoscale to menus
Added !KillBots by 2 players in chat kills all bots
Fixed 436/451 map switch crash

Changes to 106w
Added bAddToFavorites at game end.
Your server link will be added to the players UTBrowser favorites.

Changes to 106v
Fixed Splashlogo not working.

Changes to 106u
Fixed Customgame sorting issue.
Removed all MapVoteClientSplash except one.
Removed all MapVoteClientWelcome except one.
Removed AdminLogins (created UTLogins).

Changes to 106t
Added ServerNameTitle as prefix.
Added admin option to set games active on/off.
Added CustomGame ini sorting option in Info menu.

Changes to 106s
Added MaxPlayers to settings.

Changes to 106r
Removed Pause from config window.
Fixed bWeaponStay.
Fixed Repeat Limits.

Changes to 106q
Added bDisableMvxLogo to disables the MapVoteX logo.
Added Mvx start text if bDisableMvxLogo=True.

Changes to 106p
Added DM-MapvoteX.unr for Mod menu startup.
Added local practice session no longer needs tutorial map.
Added bUseServerNames which effects all server names.

Changes to 106o

Changes to 106n
Added TDM maxteams=4 if Dom = 4.
Stopped MVGRI = None in Logins.
Fixed double iptocountry reports.
Fixed double Ace console reports.

Changes to 106m
Removed TotalMapsPerGame.
MaxNumMaps fixed at 500.
No server packages or actors if standalone.
Added ';' remark out in game package actors.
Adjusted to 300 ServerPackages / 200 ServerActors.
Only DM-Tutorial needed now, all othet Tutorial maps allowed.

Changes to 106k
Double clicking a Vote now works if bDoubleClickVoting=True.
Decreased CustomGame ServerPackages from 175 to 150.
Decreased CustomGame ServerActors from 175 to 150.
Increased DefaultPackages from 75 to 100.
Increased DefaultActors from 75 to 100.
Loads default mutators last.
Added -Mutator to CustomGame Mutators= to remove mutator from DefaultMutators.
Added -ServerActor to CustomGame ServerActors= to remove ServerActor from DefaultActors.
Added -ServerPackages to CustomGame ServerPackages= to remove ServerPackage from Defaultpackages.
Added -Mutator, - ServerPackage and -ServerActor to Alias.

Changes to 106a to 106j
Added server restart button.
Updated to UT patch 469.
Fixed ] character in menu caching options.
Enlarged menu to 405 x 390 to fit stretched textures nicely.
Put stretch back in welcome.
Added imagebox to welcome.
Added splash extra fade.
Seperate submit buttons for defgame and caching.
Worked a lot on setting up the Welcome image for 469.
Added Tickrate to settings.
Menu logins now display last in at top.
Revamped client windows GPF crashing.
Revert back to use map prefixes.
Removed votemenu file counter.
Added back servername per game.
Removed MvxServerName.
Removed MaxCachingSpeed.
Added maxplayers to vote menu.
Add random Game option.

Changes and fixes in 105

105u to 105y
Added a Restart Map button to the Votemenu for retarting the current map.
Added a Random Map button to the Votemenu for players to vote for a random map.
Add many many technical items and operations to fix various stuff :)

105o to 105t
Added 200 Aliases for bulk Mutators, ServerPackages and ServerActors.
Added required Map Prefixes to CustomGames.
Increased total maps per game to 500.
Fixed when the wrong game was displayed at start

105c to 105n
All 30 Splash Logos have been dumped and replaced with only one logon logo.
Splash Logos can now be 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024 in size.
All MapLists have also been dumped as they occupied too much space.
ServerNames per game have also been dumped and replaced with one overall server name.

All maps and game maps can now be cached when the server starts.
NB: This can take a while but it only happends when the server first starts.
Changed ScoreBoardDelay to PopupWindowDelay
Admin can now set what games to cache in Info window.
Fixed last admin message not displaying.
Pressing the shift key will now scroll Admin messages left and right.

105a and b
Up to 100 player logins are recorded with Date and Time, their Nicks, IPs, screen resolution times logged in.
This information is display to the admin in the menu and saved in MapVoteXm.ini
The number of CustomGames has increased from 30 to 100 including everything that goes with them.
Additional ServerPackages and ServerActors can now also be added to the CustomGames.
Server Actors and Packages have been increased from 20 to 100 each.
Default packages and actors added to over ride the UT standard default packages and actors.
Using a semicolon ';' infront of a package, actor or mutator will disable it and not be used.
Vote Games has changed quite a bit in that when a new game is voted, the maps will be loaded and displayed.
This operation is quick and easy and does not require a large area to operate.
There is now options to change colors of the Menu and also its position on the screen.
These options are stored in the players User.ini